Best JIRA Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best JIRA Online Courses

#1 Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+Confluence bonus)

This course walks through all the core features and concepts of JIRA with real-world examples and has been catered for all users, managers and adminsUpdated as of March 2018, it incorporates and uses some of the latest features released for JIRA Software on Cloud.
Plus bonus Confluence content added in July 2017 – learn how to use Confluence and how to take advantage of it in tandem with JIRA.
JIRA is a very comprehensive tool and one of the most popular agile project management tools out there. When used and configured correctly, it will help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

  1. Contains the most amount of content (11+ hours) out of all dedicated JIRA courses on Udemy
  2. Learn the most important characteristics of Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies
  3. Covers the main aspects of JIRA including working within an agile team, leading an agile team, and administering the main things that make up JIRA (If I missed anything that you want me to cover, let me know and I’ll create a video for it)
  4. Real-world examples including
    1. How to manage your daily task-list via a daily scrum-based process
    2. Configure permissions and projects for internal team members, as well as external members (Eg: consultants, customers etc)
    3. JIRA allows you to create stories and epics for agile projects – learn how to create another issue type used in agile called Spike and create custom screens, fields and workflows for this new issue type.
    4. Modify the default software development workflow to include steps for QA
    5. How to set up an icebox (features that aren’t ready to go into the development backlog aka “put on ice”) in JIRA
    6. How to build a completely new workflow to manage the approval of new work or feature requests, before being moved into the development backlog
    7. How to manage multiple teams working on the same projects via multiple agile boards catered to each team
  5. Never-ending support – I am only a message away from answering any questions you might have

#2 The Beginners JIRA Tutorial : Learn Agile Project Management

Agile Concepts – Goes into detail with Scrum and Kanban methodologies. By the end of the section, you’ll have a full refresher on these methodologies as I made sure I hit the most important notes when it comes to how they work.
Working within an agile team – Get your first look at navigating the Jira user interface and learn how to create issues, work on issues through the agile boards, search for issues, create custom dashboards to see whats happening in Jira and other functions beneficial to any agile team member.
Leading an agile team – Configuring and managing agile boards, creating and maintaining the backlog as well as starting and ending sprints and creating releases. All these steps stay true to the agile steps described in the prior section.
Jira Administration – Goes over all the main administration sections and each part has an example that you can use to follow along with. By the end of this section, you will understand all the customizable aspects of Jira and be able to cater your own instance to fit your own specific needs.
Real-world examples, scenarios and bonus content – This is where I show you how I use Jira to track and forecast my personal day-to-day tasklist, while using a daily scrum-based process, among other examples.

#3 Learn JIRA Quickly – Enhance your resume, Move Ahead!

Confused about Atlassian JIRA and all the hype around it? Do you want to enhance your skills and resume with the must have JIRA knowledge. Then this course is for you! I explain everything in plain English with step by step instructions, so you are never left behind.
This course focuses on the practicalities of using JIRA – why would you need it, and how can you start using JIRA as quickly as possible.
The concepts are covered quickly and clearly with quick tips and shortcuts such as advanced menu items for issues and JQL, and reporting so that you can impress anyone with your JIRA skills.
This also covers how JIRA Agile works with agile boards and various agile reporting.
It will allow you to start creating your own projects, issues, search queries, agile boards, and reports to impress your management.
JIRA is a widely used tool, so if you want to know how to quickly become expert in JIRA, this is a great place to start.
I look forward to working with you! Let’s get started.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best JIRA Books:

#1 Practical JIRA Administration: Using JIRA Effectively: Beyond the Documentation 1st Edition
by Matthew B. Doar
#2 Mastering JIRA by Ravi Sagar
#3 JIRA 6.4 for the Rest of Us: A beginner’s guide to JIRA for the Business User by Rynder Roy Klomp
#4 JIRA Agile Essentials by Patrick Li
#5 JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook: Templates for the application administrator to set up, clean up, and maintain JIRA 1st Edition by Rachel Wright
#6 Hands-On Agile Software Development with JIRA: Design and manage software projects using the Agile methodology by David Harned

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