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Jenkins is the opened source automation tool which is used for test and build the softwares. Beginners who are waiting for the best jenkins online course then this most favourable place to select the course. Here will learn the concepts like continuous deployment, continuous integration, continuous inspection, how to design the jobs by using the jenkins, how to execute the bash script from the jenkin,  how to integrate the scripts with the AWS CLI, jenkins security, how to test, deploy, analyze the java projects, how to extend and configure the jenkins functionalities by the jenkins plugin, implementing the amazon AWS elastic beanstalk by Jenkins CD/CI, deploying the php applications, tools of devops, how to connect the jenkins for build server, setting the AWS cloud account, how to create the maven base jenkin projects and so on. At present there are multiple number of jenkins online courses in the world, from them our experts has picked some best jenkins online courses for you which are listed below.            

#1 Jenkins, From Zero To Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master – Udemy

Those who are interested in learning the jenkins then you people must take this Jenkins online course which was offered by Richardo Andre Gonzalez Gomez (Linux system engineer). Students will learn about jenkins and know how the jenkin will work. You people will understand that how to combine the jenkins with the email, maven, docker, aws, git, ansible etc. here more than 10k peoples are learning this jenkins online course. Instructor explain about the most popular devops tools like orchestrate. You will about the continuous deployment and continuous integration and students will also know how to design the jobs by using the number of tools.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the topics like how to install the docker and docker compose, downloading the jenkins docker images, creation of compose and container files for the jenkins, creation of virtual machine by utilizing the virtualbox etc.
  • You will learn the concepts like jenkins UI introduction, creation of jenkin job, know how to execute the bash script from the jenkin, adding the parameters to the job, know how to install the jenkin plugin, integrate the docker ssh with the jenkin etc.
  • From the jenkin and AWS section you will understand concepts such as creation of mysql server on the docker, installing the mysql client, creation of mysql database, creation of user for the aws authentication, integration of scripts with the AWS CLI etc.
  • Instructor will teach you the topics like installation of ansible, creation of ansible playbook, integration of ansible and jenkins, addition of parameters for the jenkins and ansible, creation of bash scripts, build the tables by using the html, php, css and so on.
  • You people will learn the topics like jenkins security, email, maven, DSL, jenkins pipeline, continuous delivery, continuous deployment etc.

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#2 Jenkins 2 Bootcamp: Fully Automate Builds to Deployment – Udemy

Professionals who wants to learn more about the jenkins continuous integration then this Jenkins bootcamp online course will help you to learn all about the jenkins. Here more than 12k candidates are learning this jenkins online course which is created by Jason Taylor (dev trainer and lead software engineer). You people will understand all the basics of continuous deployment, continuous integration and continuous inspection. Students will understand that how to utilize the jenkins for testing, building, deploying and analyzing the java projects. Instructor will explain that how to implement the jenkins continuous integration system.
Key points:

  • Instructor will explain the procedure for installing the jenkins in the Linux, mac and windows. From the basics section you will learn the topics such as jenkins dashboards, failing jobs, rename and copy the jobs, update the plugin, configuration of jenkins etc.
  • From the maven projects section you will understand the concepts like maven freestyle, jenkins workspace, maven jobs, scheduling the jenkins jobs, maven build modules, jenkins home directory etc.
  • You people will also understand about the overview of continuous inspection, unit testing in the jenkins, reviewing the quality analysis, improvement of quality score adding users to matrix based security, maven repository server plugin and so on etc.
  • Instructor will teach the topics like publishing, configuration and maven repository plugin, review and build the articraft publishing, deployment plugin, installation of tomcat, manually disabled security, users and project roles, etc.
  • Students are able to learn the topics of aws lightsail jenkins production section like overview of jenkins production, aws sign up, jenkins instance, static IP address, instance snapshots, restart with lightsail etc.

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#3 Learn Jenkins from a DevOps Guru – Udemy

The Jenkins online course was offered by Cj Rivas, Tao W and James lee. Students will understand the differences between the continuous integration, inspection and deployment. Instructors will explain that how to scale the workflow of jenkins by the jenkins slave and master architecture. You will come to know that how to configure and deploy the multi node jenkins clusters in cloud for the labeled builds. You people are able to implement the automated continuous integration pipeline for building, analyzing, deploying and testing the web based applications by using the jenkins. Also learn that how to extend and configure the jenkins functionalities by the jenkins plugin.
Key points:

  • Students will learn the process of installing the java and jenkins in the local systems. From the continuous integration with jenkins section you will learn about the installation of git, jenkins github plugin, maven softwares in the local systems, creation of maven based jenkins projects etc.
  • From the continuous inspection section you people understand the concepts like code quality, code coverage metrics reports, jenkins support for the gradle, shell scripts etc.
  • You will learn the topics of continuous delivery section like archive the build artifacts, installing and configuring the tomcat as staging environment, parallel jenkins build, jenkins build pipeline etc.
  • Instructors will explain about the pipeline as a code overview, automate the existing jenkins pipeline, fully automated jenkins pipeline, docker hub, containers, installation of docker, addition of dockerfile, tag docker images etc.
  • From the distributed builds section students will understand about the distributed jenkins build introduction, installation of jenkins master node in cloud, label jenkins build and so on.

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#4 Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline – Udemy

Those who wants to learn about the Jenkins then take this Jenkins CI with AWS online course. Here 3k+ pupils are enrolled to learn this Jenkins CI with AWs online course. Students will understand about the Jenkins CD/CI for implementing the amazon AWS elastic beanstalk. This jenkins CI with AWs online course is created by Syed Raza, Qasim Shah and Claydesk E learning academy. Students can able to deploy the php and python applications by using the jenkins cd/ci build automation on the aws beanstalk. You people can also integrate the applications with the github, amazon beanstalk and jenkins ci. And learn that how integrat the github with the amazon aws beanstalk and jenkins ci. Students will learn that how to the SSH shell and commands of Linux.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the topics like creation of aws security group, generation of key pair, creation of aws instance, know how to connect the aws instance with the putty for the windows, configuration of nginx proxy and installation of java, jenkins and nginx.
  • From the jenkins environment section you people understand the topics like connecting to the jenkins dashboards, configuration of aws ses, build the server, elastic beanstalk environment, connect the jenkins to the build server etc.
  • From devops primer section students understand the concepts like software development life cycle, tools of devops, automation of devops and continuous integration CI.
  • You are able to learn the topics such as testing the web hook, cleaning the aws environment, deploying the php applications, creation of aws elastic beanstalk, connecting the jenkins with the github and so on.
  • Students will understand all the devops concepts and git concepts.

Rating: 4.7 Out of 5
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#5 Jenkins : CI/CD with Jenkins CodePipeline, AWS CodePipeline – Udemy

The Jenkins online course is created by Anshul Chauhan. Students are able to learn about the differences between the continuous inspection, deployment and integration. Students will learn how to use the jenkinsfiles and jenkins pipeline and learn how to work with the docker containers in the jenkins context. Students are able to create the multi stage jenkins and with jenkins build the pipeline plugin. Instructor will explain about the important topics of devops and continuous delivery pipeline. You people can able to test and build the java web applications. This jenkins online course also includes 49 downloadable video resources, 36 articles and 14 hours on demanded videos with full period support.  
Key points:

  • Students are able to download and configure the jenkins in the linux, windows and macos. You people will learn about the architecture of jenkins, creation and execution of jenkins jobs and install the maven in the local machine.
  • You people will understand that how to configure the jenkins for working with the java, git, maven and gradle. You are able to learn the topics like create the maven base jenkin project, source code polling in the jenkins, building the trigger options in the jenkins etc.
  • Students are able to check the quality of the code with the jenkins and will learn the concepts like archive the artifact in the jenkins, jenkins parallel builds, deploy to the production, automate code pipeline etc.
  • From the distributed builds section you people will understand the concepts like installation of jenkins on the cloud, build levels, installation of jenkins slave etc.
  • Instructor will explain about the jenkins integration with the docker, AWS CI CD pipeline, AWS delivery code pipeline, AWS codedeploy, AWS codepipeline, setting the AWS cloud account and so on.

Rating: 3.7 Out of 5  
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You people will surely gratify with this jenkins article, where instructors are providing all the necessary information regarding to this jenkins online course. Your professional career is increased by adding this jenkins course certificate for your resumes. You people will get more job opportunities by learning this jenkins online course like devops engineer, devops admin, assistant manager, software developer, automation test engineer, devops architect, technology specialist, data engineering analyst, associate data engineering manager, cloud engineer, analyst, tech lead, software engineer and more. Trainers will clear out your doubts. Please share this jenkins article with your folks, colleagues through instagram, facebook, linkedIn, twitter, hike etc.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Jenkins Books:

#1 Jenkins: The Definitive Guide: Continuous Integration for the Masses 1st Edition by John Ferguson Smart
#2 Jenkins 2: Up and Running: Evolve Your Deployment Pipeline for Next Generation Automation 1st Edition by Brent Laster
#3 Jenkins Essentials by Mitesh Soni
#4 Pro Continuous Delivery: With Jenkins 2.0 1st ed. by Nikhil Pathania
#5 Jenkins Fundamentals: Accelerate deliverables, manage builds, and automate pipelines with Jenkins by Joseph Muli & Arnold Okoth
#6 Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins: A beginner’s guide to implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Jenkins 2, 2nd Edition by Nikhil Pathania

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Best Jenkins Online Courses

Best Jenkins Online Courses

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