Best Spark SQL Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Best Spark SQL Online Courses

#1 Apache Spark SQL – Bigdata In-Memory Analytics Master Course

Master in-memory distributed computing with Apache Spark SQL. Leverage the power of Dataframe and Dataset Real life demo

  • Spark SQL Syntax, Component Architecture in Apache Spark
  • Dataset, Dataframes, RDD
  • Advanced features on interaction of Spark SQL with other components
  • Using data from various data sources like MS Excel, RDBMS, AWS S3, No SQL Mongo DB,
  • Using different format of files like Parquet, Avro, JSON
  • Table partitioning and Bucketing

In data pipeline whether the data is in structured or in unstructured form, the final extracted data would be in structured form only. At the final stage we need to work with the structured data. SQL is popular query language to do analysis on structured data.

Apache spark facilitates distributed in-memory computing. Spark has inbuilt module called Spark-SQL for structured data processing. Users can mix SQL queries with Spark programs and seamlessly integrates with other constructs of Spark.

#2 Apache Spark 2.0 + Python : DO Big Data Analytics & ML

  • Acquire Knowledge of Apache Spark 2.0 fundamentals and architecture
  • Write Spark 2.0 scripts for Transformations, actions, Spark SQL and Spark Streaming
  • Execute Machine Learning / Data Science algorithms
  • Solve real world data problems with Apache Spark 2.0
  • Handle interviews for Apache Spark 2.0 confidently and get jobs

Apache Spark is the hottest Big Data skill today. More and more organizations are adapting Apache Spark for building their big data processing and analytics applications and the demand for Apache Spark professionals is sky rocketing. Learning Apache Spark is a great vehicle to good jobs, better quality of work and the best remuneration packages.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Spark SQL Books:

#1 Learning Spark SQL: Architect streaming analytics and machine learning solutions by Aurobindo Sarkar

#2 Spark SQL 2.x Fundamentals & Cookbook: More than 35 Exercises  by HadoopExam Learning Resources

#3 Beginning Apache Spark 2: With Resilient Distributed Datasets, Spark SQL, Structured Streaming and Spark Machine Learning library by Hien Luu

#4 Spark SQL A Complete Guide by Gerardus Blokdyk

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Best Spark SQL Online Courses

Best Spark SQL Online Courses

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