Why Affiliate marketing is better than Blogging

Affiliate Marketing
One of the most popular form of marketing is Affiliate marketing with good profits. One can earn the money from online by promoting other people’s products and it makes the ordinary people to wealthy. Affiliate marketing is a strategy where an individual business partners make a commission by referring readers, visitors, to a business’s particular products.
Benefits of Affiliate marketing

  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Affiliates’ site content is relevant
  • More effective use of advertising budget
  • Easy tracking
  • Exposure

The Term Blog is a short form of weblog and a blog is defined as, it is a website in which the items are posted (like regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, and other materials like graphics, video) on a regular basis and it is displayed in reverse chronological order. Maintenance of Blog, authoring a blog or adding an article to the existing blog is called blogging.
Uses of Blogging:

  • It is a good platform which is easy to use content management systems.
  • It helps to easily establish your career as an expert in your filed of interest.
  • It makes you to promote the products and makes the use of word of mouth by viral marketing more efficiently than any other marketing methods.

Blogging and affiliate marketing is like similar faces in one coin. But the fact is they use different ways and different methods to generate income.
Here you need to know how to get started with passive income stream from blogging and affiliate marketing.
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Let us see the similarities of both blogging and affiliate marketing.

  • Blogging and affiliate marketing both work on the basis of internet.
  • They will gain high income generating potential
  • Both blogging and affiliate marketing is required same skill set to work on them for example like creating ads, driving traffic, internet marketing skills etc.
  • No investment is required to gain money

From the above analysis Affiliate marketing is better than Blogging because,

  • It is a pay per-click basis marketing system.
  • When it comes to affiliate marketing, many bloggers earn as high as six figure. And if the work does not translate into sales, then they won’t get paid.
  • In Affiliate marketing no special skills are required except basic computer skills. You can start earning money very fast.
  • It is quite easy to promote and manage numerous Affiliate programs.
  • As compared to blogging affiliate marketing requires very less time that only 30 min per day.

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