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Digital marketing is defined as a process of communicating with an audience in order to inform them about various products or services which would be of advantage to them. … Marketing incorporates the use of a wide range of strategies to increase consumers’ knowledge of products or services.
Role of Digital marketer
A digital marketer manager is only responsible for developing or improving the strategy used in marketing a company product by online, by using some techniques in the filed as social media, web analytics, email marketing etc.
Necessary of advertising
If a marketer need to sell goods and services to the people, Advertisement is important which spread awareness among the people. And the main aim to keep the consumers informed about whatever the new products and services are available in the market.
Advantages of advertising

  • Introduces a new product in the market
  • Expansion of market
  • Educates the consumers
  • Fights competition
  • Better quality products
  • Increasing sales
  • Elimination of middle men.

Best Digital Marketing Online Courses
#1 Digital Marketing Specialization – Coursera
#2 Become a Digital Marketer – Udacity
#3 Digital Marketing Certification Training – Edureka

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