Best Sharepoint Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Sharepoint Online Courses

#1 SharePoint 2016 Site Owner, User, & 365 (3-course bundle)

The Deploying Virtual Machines course is designed to instruct students on Azure as it pertains to Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, and Storage capabilities. Students will learn the components of a virtual network, work with VNETs, learn about UPNs and VPNs, become familiar with IaaS cloud services, review VM deployment and conectivity options, and monitoring of VMs. Students will also review and work with various Azure storage options and functionality.
The Advanced Virtual Machine Deployment course is designed to instruct students on Azure as it pertains to Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, and Storage capabilities. Students will understand ARM vs. Classic deployment, review the advantages of ARM, and work with ARM deployment methods. Students will use ARM templates, understand RBAC, work with Azure ARM load balancer and use ARM scale sets. In addition, students will create an automation account, assets, and runbooks.
In the Azure Active Directory course, students will gain an understanding of directory service options, use a custom domain, manage users and groups, use multi-factor authentication, work with application access, and add and access applications. Students will learn about using a hybrid Azure Active Directory, extend and deploy AD to the cloud, prepare for synchronization, install Azure AD Connect, and manage directory synchronization. In addition, students will understand ADFS, install AFDS, and convert a domain to Federated.
The Deploying Websites course is designed to instruct students on Azure as it pertains to Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, and Storage capabilities. Students will learn about PaaS Cloud Services, Understand the deployment environment, and create and configure PaaS Cloud Service. Students will work with upgrading Applications, understand communication between roles, understand PaaS to IaaS communication, scaling roles, and work with monitoring and alerts.
In the Azure SQL course, students will overview and provision Azure SQL. Students will also connect to Azure SQL DB, Migrate DB to Azure, work with SQL security and metrics, Configure SQL DB auditing, copy and export a database, use DB Self-Service Restore, and Use SQL DB Geo-Replication.

#2 Getting Started With SharePoint Online

This course will give you an introduction on how to use both SharePoint Online Team Sites and OneDrive for Business that are part of Office 365. The course material is aimed at people using Office 365 inside a business.
Each lesson generally contains a short video tutorial focused on a particular topic, downloadable PDF material and well as a list of additional resources.
The course should take about 4 hours or so to complete and will give you the skills and confidence to use SharePoint Online Team Sites and OneDrive for Business more effectively and productively every day.

#3 SharePoint for Developers: Building Hosted Add-Ins

In the first section of this course we will start by providing a brief overview of SharePoint platform and its use scenarios, before moving on to set up our development environment, as well as Office 365 30-day developer trial tenant. Next, we’ll incrementally cover different customization scenarios and their entry points, such as CEWP, asset library file hosting, SharePoint Designer and SharePoint-hosted Add-Ins. We will explore how add-in model can be used to provision multiple components that will later work together to deliver custom functionality to users.We will finish with looking at different UI customization strategies and how those can be applied to tailor the look and feel of your functionality.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Sharepoint Books:

#1 SharePoint Online from Scratch: Office 365 SharePoint from basics to advanced by  Peter Kalmstrom & Kate Kalmstrom & Vijayant Rimza
#2 SharePoint Calculated Columns and Validation Formulas: Everything you need to know about SharePoint formulas for SharePoint 2010 to 2019 and SharePoint Online / Office 365 by
Michael T Smith

#3 SharePoint records management and metadata: Digital archiving in Office 365 by Alfred de Weerd
#4 SharePoint Online Exercises: Step by Step instructions for SharePoint key processes by
Peter Kalmström
#5 SharePoint Development with the SharePoint Framework: Design and implement state-of-the-art customizations for SharePoint by Jussi Roine & Olli Jaaskelainen
#6 From IT Pro to Cloud Pro Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online (IT Best Practices – Microsoft Press) 1st Edition by Ben Curry & Brian Laws

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