Best Salesforce Lightning Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Best Salesforce Lightning Online Courses

#1 Salesforce Lightning: Learn about Salesforce Lightning

Learn Salesforce Lightning: Step by Step Guide to Lightning UI. Learn to build a custom App in Salesforce Lightning UI

  • Navigate the Salesforce Lightning interface
  • Learn about Salesforce Lightning UI features
  • Know where to go in the setup area to make customizations
  • Create dynamic reports and dashboards
  • View Lightning on a mobile device
  • Train other users on common day-to-day activities within Lightning

Salesforce Lightning UI course is a step -by-step video course that offers immediate and valuable solutions to the new set of UI tools included in Lightning. In this course we will build a custom Salesforce Application using the Salesforce Lightning UI and through this app, you will learn about the new features of the Lightning UI. In this course, we will walk through the process of managing your daily activities within Salesforce, as well as basic customization and System management.

This course explains the primary use case for lightning and simplifies some of the more complex features, such as opportunity Stage management and the new dashboard builder. We will cover the following topics:

  • Sales and service management
  • Lightning Apps on the AppExchange
  • Lightning dashboards and reports
  • Lightning security
  • Lightning Process Builder and more
  • Build a Custom App in Lightning
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Point and Click Application Development

#2 Salesforce Lightning Component

Learn with a Real Time Project and develop a portal using lightning component

Build Lightning components, Lightning Apps and can use them to develop websites, portals and what not…No limit 😉
You will get to know how to use SLDS while designing lightning pages.

This course is for any one who is interested in learning basic lightning concepts.

It is good to have basic understanding of HTML before you start with this course.

We will work on a small project and there you will learn to implement various lightning concepts.

We will also discuss how to use SLDS in our lightning page. It helps us to make our lightning page look more beautiful using standard markups.

#3 Salesforce Lightning Framework

  • Enable Lightning Components in your Salesforce org
  • How to Use Static Resources in a Lightning Application
  • Create an Apex Controller that exposes data and logic to Lightning Applications
  • Create a Lightning Application
  • Create Lightning Components
  • Create Lightning Events
  • Communicate between Lightning Components using Lightning Events
  • Standard and components
  • UI components
  • Value providers
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Salesforce Lightning Books:

#1 Learning Salesforce Lightning Application Development: Build and test Lightning Components for Salesforce Lightning Experience using Salesforce DX by Mohith Shrivastava  

#2 Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow: A Practical Guide to Model-Driven Development on the Platform 1st ed. by Jonathan Keel & Philip Weinmeister

#3 Learn Salesforce Lightning: The Visual Guide to the Lightning UI by Felicia Duarte & Rachelle Hoffman

#4 Salesforce Lightning Reporting and Dashboards: Create, customize, and manage your Salesforce reports and dashboards in depth with Lightning Experience by Johan Yu

#5 Salesforce Lightning Cookbook: Build modern enterprise apps using the new Lightning Design System, App Builder, and Components by Syed Chand Shah

#6 Salesforce Lightning Platform a Complete Guide by Gerardus Blokdyk

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Best Salesforce Lightning Online Courses

Best Salesforce Lightning Online Courses

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