Best Network Security Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Network Security Online Courses

#1 Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced

Section One: introduction to Computer Networks

  • Lecture 1: What is a Computer Network?
  • Lecture 2: Computer Networks Topologies
  • Lecture 3: Computer Networks Categories
  • Lecture 4: Computer Networks Devices and Services
  • Lecture 5: Computer Networks Transmission Media

Section Two: ISO/OSI Model (7 Layers)

  • Lecture 1: Why ISO/OSI Model?
  • Lecture 2: Application, Presentation, and Session Layers
  • Lecture 3: Transport and Network Layers
  • Lecture 4: Data Link and Physical Layers
  • Lecture 5: ISO/OSI Model in Action

Section Three: TCP/IP Protocol Suite

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Computer Networks Protocols
  • Lecture 2: IP Protocol
  • Lecture 3: TCP and UDP Protocols
  • Lecture 4: Application Protocols
  • Lecture 5: TCP/IP Characteristics and Tools

#2 The Complete Cyber Security Course : Network Security!

After this course, you will be able to discover security vulnerabilities across an entire network, by using network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning.

You will be able to architect your network for maximum security and prevent local and remote attacks. We also cover the use of custom router firmware to provide you with better network security services.

You will understand the various types of firewalls that are available and what threats each help mitigate.

Including layer 4 firewalls like Iptables on Linux and PF on MacOS and BSD. Virtual firewalls, host-based firewalls and application based firewalls like Pfsence. We cover firewalls on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux for all types of use scenarios.

We explore in detail wireless security, the configurations that are required for maximum security and why. How Wi-Fi is hacked and how to mitigate those attacks. Covering everything from encryption weaknesses to evil twins, RF isolation, and Wi-Fi crackers.

You will master network monitoring to discover and identify potential hackers, malware and other adversaries that might be lurking on your network. Using tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump and Syslog.

We then move away from network security and onto the details of how we are tracked online by corporations, nation-states your ISP and others. You will understand the techniques used like zombie super cookies, browser fingerprinting and how browser profiling works so third parties can establish who you are online.

#3 CCNA Security Real World Labs – Cisco ASA, Network Security

Cisco Security Training is rapidly becoming some of the most valuable training in the IT field. Passing the exam is not enough – you need some real world examples and labs. Here we go then. Learn what you really need to know about Network Security: VPNs, ASA Firewalls, UTM devices, Wireless security, Radius and Tacacs, Two-factor authentication… and much more. Now includes ASA FirePower Services.

  • NO BORING and useless topics
  • 12 hours of real world videos
  • When things go wrong… I keep recording
  • How to troubleshoot VPNs
  • ASA Firewalls (configuration, failover, dual ISPs…)
  • UTM devices
  • Wireless security (WPA Enterprise)
  • DoS and Man-in-the-middle Attacks
  • Challenges and GNS3/Packet Tracer labs
  • Monitoring Tools and Remote Support Software
  • A lot of real world examples

This training is great if you are studying towards CCNA Sec (210-260) or you are certified already. Comptia Security+ and Microsoft engineers will benefit as well. If you are interested in security, this is the right place for you.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Network Security Books:

#1 The Practice of Network Security Monitoring: Understanding Incident Detection and Response 1st Edition by Richard Bejtlich
#2 Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards (6th Edition) by William Stallings
#3 Applied Network Security Monitoring: Collection, Detection, and Analysis 1st Edition by Chris Sanders & Jason Smith  
#4 Network Security For Dummies 1st Edition by Chey Cobb
#5 Applied Network Security: Proven tactics to detect and defend against all kinds of network attack by Arthur Salmon & Warun Levesque & Michael McLafferty
#6 Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, Global Edition 7th edition  by William Stallings

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