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SQL Injection is the technique of code injection and it is used for accessing the databases. People who are looking for the Best SQL Injection online courses then this most favourable place to do the course. From this SQL Injection courses students will learn the topics like how to protect and hack from the SQL Injection, fundamentals of SQL Injection, advanced identification and exploitation techniques, termination of SQL Injection, SQL Injection automated tool, working principle of SQL Injection, how to write and read the files with the SQL Injection, advanced web hacking, know how to maximize the power of the SQL Injection detection with the sqlmap, how to access the data from the database, different types of SQL Injection, know the differences between the real vulnerability and false positive, learn how the risks are associated with the web and mobile applications and more. In the world there are multiple number of SQL Injection online courses from them our panel experts have been selected some best SQL Injection online courses for you which are listed below.          

#1 How Hackers Find SQL Injections in Minutes with Sqlmap – Udemy

The security engineers who wants to learn more about the ethical hacking, then this SQL Injections online course will help you to learn about the ethical hacking. Here 50 peoples have already enrolled to learn this SQL Injections online course. Students will understand about the tool for automation SQL Injection exploitation and detection. You will know how the code execution is performed by SQL Injection and learn about the bypass web app firewalls. This SQL Injections online course was offered by Dawid Czagan. Students can able to maximize the power of the SQL Injection detection with the sqlmap. This SQL Injections course includes the certificate and one hour demanded video with full period support.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the basics of the sql map, overview of the dumping database table entries, overview of the SQL Injection to the remote code execution and you will learn more about the advanced testing with the sqlmap. 
  • Instructor will discuss about the bypassing web application firewalls (WAFs) and explain how to install the backdoor. You will gain more knowledge on the vulnerable machine. You will also understand the basics of tool. 
  • You people are able to enhance the power of the SQL Injection detection with the sqlmap and learn about the tools for automating the SQL Injection exploitation and injection.
  • Students will also know how to utilize the tamper scripts in the tool for bypass web application firewalls and can automatically exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities with the sqlmap.

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#2 Advanced Application Injection : Mobile and Website Hacking – Udemy

People who want to learn about the ethical hacking then you must join in this Advanced Applications injection online course which is offered by Ankit Singh (security researcher). Here total 30+ people are enrolled to learn this Advanced Applications injection online course. Students will learn about the techniques of ethical hacking such as cross site scripting, command injection and SQL Injection from the scratch. You people will understand how to perform the penetration testing. This Advanced Applications injection course includes 36 minutes demanded videos and certificate with full time support. Instructor will discuss how the risks are associated with the web and mobile applications and also explain the process of converting the risks and threats.
Key points:

  • Firstly instructor introduces the advanced application injection and you will learn the topics like SQL Injection, working principle of SQL Injection, know the different types of the SQL Injection, various techniques to inject the code into the applications etc.
  • Students are able to understand the topics such as blind SQL Injection and its types, know different tools which are used in SQL Injection, error based SQL Injection, union based SQL Injection, know about the sql map, nosql, string based SQL Injection etc.
  • You people will learn about the reflected cross site scripting and cross site scripting, types of cross site scripting, code injection and types of code injection etc. you can able to implement all this in the dynamic scenarios.
  • Instructor also explain about the file inclusion vulnerability, commands injection and types of the command injection. Students can able to understand how the different types of web and mobile hacks are performed.
  • You are able to learn how the risks are associated with the mobile and web applications.

Rating: 3.8 Out of 5
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From this SQL Injection online courses students can able to protect their information and can also hack the users data. Those who wants to learn this SQL Injection course then pick out any course from the above mentioned courses. Students will get more job opportunities by doing this SQL Injection courses like sql developer, database expert, sql server administrator, software engineer, security risk analyst, threat analyst, security penetration tester, cyber investigator and so on. your professional career will enhanced by adding this SQL Injection article certificate to the resumes. You people will understand all the SQL Injection types like union based, time based, etc. All the trainers will definitely clear up your doubts regarding to this SQL Injection courses. Please share this SQL Injection article with your folks, colleagues through whatsapp, linkedIn, facebook, hike, twitter etc.      
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best SQL Injection Books:

#1 SQL Injection Attacks and Defense 2nd Edition by Justin Clarke & Kevvie Fowler & Erlend Oftedal
#2 Ethical hacking: Basic Hacking With SQL Injection by Russell P
#3 SQL Injection: SQL Injection (hacking Book 1) by abhishake sagar & nachiket bemble
#4 SQL INJECTION : For Beginners by Chetan Kashyap
#5 SQL Injection Attacks and Defense by Justin Calker & jose ahuanari
#6 SQL Injection by Saranyan Ravi
#7 SQL Injection ByPassing Techniques by Black Ros
#8 Advanced SQL Injection&Advanced Phishing by Alex Martin & Alex Ramo

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Best SQL Injection Online Courses

Best SQL Injection Online Courses

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