Best Manual Testing Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Manual Testing Online Courses

#1 Best QA Manual Software Testing: Live Project+Agile+Jira+API

Practical Approach:   This course is designed completely on practical approach. From beginning to the end, you would see yourself working in an organization, and on a real time project.
Course outline: This course gives you the complete cycle of software testing from your role to different approaches to develop a software to requirement docs from the client  to software development to the real time testing to the release process. You would be able to see end to end approach of software testing.
Document Template: You would be getting the real Test plan, Test case documents as well as very practical interview questions.
Support: We will  always be available via email for any assistance or concerns.
Real time testing : You would be learning how to perform real time testing.
Professional Assurance: You would be learning Software Testing  from a 10+ years SQA professional  from your own desk.
Best suitable for individuals who wants to pursue their career in Software Testing. 

#2 Manual Software Testing With Bug Reporting Tool ALM/QC

Regarding my course: I have designed this course more on practical then showing slides and reading out theory , majority  of the course deals with test data and writing test cases almost 14 sessions on writing test cases   , because deriving testcases is  very important and primary task of manual tester ,even I have covered lot of theory part and clearly explained how development and testing activates take place and covered bug reporting tool ALM also , so primary task of QA tester is to derive test-data , write testcase, defect reporting and my course covers all this factors in detailed

  • Non- IT students can easily learn course
  • Course start from very scratch 
  • All life cycles explained
  • Hands on writing Testcases
  • simple design course
  • Understanding bug reporting
  • Hands on bug reporting and test management tool ALM/QC

explained each and every topic of manual testing And BUG REPORTING TOOL ALM/QC and Bugzilla
*****course starts from what is a software and covers all the theory part of software development and testing 
then slowly moves on to practical part of driving test cases and test data
lot of examples are given on How to write testcases**********

And working with very famous reporting tool ALM
you will understand how development happened and role or tester in development processes
you will get idea on different types of testing
you will be learning how to work with optimal testing by using BVA and ECP
for sure you will be able to write test cases for given functionality
hands on ALM
and much more

#3 Software Testing : Learn Manual/QA Testing + ISTQB CTFL Help

Software Testing: Learn Manual/QA Testing + ISTQB CTFL Help (Recent Updates on: January 20, 2016!)
What’s New(Bonus): ISTQB Exam Help (Foundation Level)+Captions for all the lectures + Facebook Page (SoftwareTestingArena) Make $$$ online testing websites (pdf) !
Software Testing (Quality Assurance) is a 30+ Billion USD Industry today, and expected to grow up to 50 Billion USD by 2020. Nearly 1 out of 2 jobs in IT are in Testing. If you are looking to set foot into this Industry, if you too are looking to build a career in Manual Testing (QA Testing) Industry, then look no further…
This course provides you with the Testing Fundamentals, Tools & Methodologies, Industry Trends and Career Guidance needed to kick-start a successful career in the Software Testing Industry.

  • Gain valuable insight about Software Testing Industry Trends, Job Opportunities, Career path options, Hiring and Salary Trends etc.
  • Learn about Software Testing from scratch; No prior knowledge or experience needed.
  • Master Fundamentals, SDLC Models, Testing Types,Levels and Methodologies prevalent in the Industry.
  • Build STLC Documents like Test Plan, Test Scenarios, RTM, Test Cases, Test Summary etc.
  • Get in-depth exposure to popular defect management and automation tools used in Testing industry.
  • Build your Software Testing Career online with our interview help and career guidance.
  • Make Money Online as a freelance tester using the information we provide exclusively for our students.

If you are looking towards building a long, successful career in Manual Testing, this course will help you achieve Exactly that.

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