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Gulp is a Javascript toolkit task runner. Gulp Js is used to enhance the performance by optimizing the image sizes, code size etc. It is a favorable place to select the Gulp Js courses. Gulp is used to run the big scale web applications and tasks of front end. Here students will learn the concepts like automate web development, Javascript processing, CSS processing, automated testing, HTML processing, compilation of SASS files to CSS, optimization of image size, CSS auto prefixes, gulp tasks, gulp SASS and so on. Students can able to create the websites more efficiently by using the automated workflow. At present moment there are multiple number of Gulp .Js online courses. From them our experts chosen a few best Gulp Js courses, which are mentioned below.

#1 Improving your Workflow with Gulp JS – Udemy

If anyone wants to learn more about the web development by using the Javascript, then you must join in this online course. This Workflow with the Gulp Javascript online course was offered by Infinite Skills. All the instructors of Infinite Skills are well qualified. Here 500+ students are registered to learn this online course. Students will understand that how to use the gulp Js to automate the web development tasks. Instructors will explain how to create the efficient websites in the automated workflow and also explain the testing process. Infinite Skills academy provides a full time access certificate, 1.5 hours demand video, one hour downloadable videos and one article.
Key points:

  • You will understand about the build system and gulp Js. you people will come to know the installation steps of gulp.Js.
  • Instructors will explain how to create the gulp tasks by compressing the image sizes, cleaning the build folder, creation of default task etc. you will know about the watch files for the modification and consequently running the tasks.
  • You can learn about the production builds and development. From HTML processing instructor will explain about the preprocessing of HTML, minification of HTML in the production builds and so on.
  • You are able to learn the concepts like conversion of image to data URI, preprocessing with the SASS, validation of Javascript, Javascript dependency management, Javascript minification, multiple device testing with the browser sync etc.
  • Instructors will also explain more about the gulp Js resources.   

Rating: 4.1 Out of 5
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#2 Starting with Gulp – Udemy

This online course is for web developers that who wants to build the Javascript solutions for the web and mobile. Here 75 candidates are enrolled to learn this online course. Students will understand that how to manage the projects of Javascript with the gulp. Instructor will explain how to utilize the gulp for the creation of different tasks. You will come to know how to decrease the SASS files. Instructor will offer the certificate of completion with full time access, two hours demand video and two downloadable videos. Students will understand the process of utilize gulp as the Javascript build system. You will know how to concatenate the Javascripts into single downloadable file.
Key points:

  • Firstly you will come to know that how to install the gulp, program in gulp and configure the gulp. You people will know how to design the runnable builds by using a single command.
  • Students will learn how the gulp will provide the massive efficiencies at deployment time and development time. You people will understand how to breakdown the Javascript management problems.
  • You are able to code the gulp tasks and also know the common gulp tasks. Students will learn that how to handle the time consuming code management tasks by using gulp.
  • From gulp for development you will learn the concepts like preprocessing the SASS, creation of a complete runnable code with in a short period, gulp watch function, gulp livereload function etc.
  • You are able to create the efficient Javascript code by using the build in features and gulp plugins.

Rating: 4.1 Out of 5  
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#3 Rapid Gulp – Automate Web Development – Udemy

The Gulp Automate Web Development online course was offered by Shahid K (mentor and technology lead). Shahid is an expert in back end and front end technologies. Here 1k+ candidates are enrolled to learn this online course. Students will learn how to reduce the development time by the browser sync. Instructor will explain how to optimize the performance of web development and websites by minimizing the size of files of the HTML, Js and CSS. here this online course also includes the certificate of completion with lifetime access, one article, one downloadable videos and one hour demand videos. Students will also know how to maximise the performance by reducing the image size.
Key points:

  • You people will learn the installation steps of Node Package Manager and Node .Js and also know how utilize them. Students will also understand that how to install the gulp plugins and gulp for different tasks.
  • Instructor will teach the process of tasks for minifying the CSS, Javascripts and HTML. You can able to enhance the performance of web development by reducing the image sizes.
  • You are able to compile the SASS and LESS into the CSS. you will understand the preprocessors of CSS such as SASS and LESS.
  • Students will learn the concepts like watch files for modification and also know how to run the tasks accordingly.
  • Instructor will teach that how to reduce the load time of tasks by reducing the html, css and javascripts. You people will also know how to optimise the web applications by reducing the picture size.

Rating: 3.8 Out of 5    
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Instructors are expecting that all the enrolled students are satisfied with this article. Instructor will determine all the crucial information for you. Anyone interested in learning this online courses, then you can select any course from the above mentioned courses. From these courses you can able to create a better software by using gulp Js. By learning this online courses you will get the job opportunities like full stack developer, back end developer, web developer, front end web developer, UI developer, software engineer, application developer an so on. Students will gain the certificate of course completion and students can also add this online course certificate to their resume. If you are slacked with this article, then please share this article with your colleagues, friends through linkedIn, whatsapp, twitter, instagram. Instructors will clear up the students doubts.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Gulp Js Books:

#1 Getting Started with Gulp by Travis Maynard
#2 Gulp: Quick guide to getting up and running today by Robert Dunaway
#3 Front-End Tooling with Gulp, Bower, and Yeoman 1st Edition by Stefan Baumgartner
#4 Developing a gulp Edge: The Streaming Build System by Jed Mao & Maximilian Schmitt & Tomasz Stryjewski
#5 Desarrollo Web Frontend Profesional: Automatiza tareas con NodeJS, Bower, Gulp y SASS by Adrián Guerra Marrero
#6 GULP: Getting Started by Qaizar Qadir

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Best Gulp Js Online Courses

Best Gulp Js Online Courses

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