Best Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Online Courses-2019 Updated

Best Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Online Courses

#1 GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

The Google Cloud for ML with TensorFlow, Big Data with Managed Hadoop

  • Deploy Managed Hadoop apps on the Google Cloud
  • Build deep learning models on the cloud using TensorFlow
  • Make informed decisions about Containers, VMs and AppEngine
  • Use big data technologies such as BigTable, Dataflow, Apache Beam and Pub/Sub

This course is a really comprehensive guide to the Google Cloud Platform – it has ~25 hours of content and ~60 demos.

The Google Cloud Platform is not currently the most popular cloud offering out there – that’s AWS of course – but it is possibly the best cloud offering for high-end machine learning applications. That’s because TensorFlow, the super-popular deep learning technology is also from Google.

#2 Learn GCP: Google Cloud Data Engineer Express Course!

  • Understand major components of GCP, why and when to use its Products
  • Connect into GCP VMs using SSH
  • build a dataset using BigQuery
  • Repeat command from BigQuery in Datalab and Plot a Graph
  • Dashboarding in Datastudio
  • Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals
  • Hadoop
  • Application of GCP Products in Real World Applications

The course is helpful for my preparation of Google Data Engineering Certification Exam. It also gives a good and brief overview of GCP products that is lacking in other courses. The knowledge gained from this course can be applied to using GCP in data scientist and data engineering work.

Course is streamlined to aim to get you to pass the GCP Data Engineers Certification. Therefore, it is the most time efficient course to learn about GCP if you want to have a good understanding of GCP’s products and have the intention of becoming a certified data engineer in the future. The course is streamlined to under 5 hours! Learn all about GCP over a weekend or in a day !

#3 An Introduction to Google Cloud Platform for Data Engineers

  • At the end of this course you’ll understand all the core services you’ll need to know for the Data Engineer Certification.
  • You’ll know the basics and be able to move forward architecting real world data engineering solutions.
  • You will understand the basics of how to navigate Google’s Cloud Platform.
  • You will understand how to use Google’s Big Data Services on the Google Cloud Platform.

In the real world data is messy, complicated and very difficult to work with. Another real world issues is working with data at scale. Very few companies have the compute or storage resources to work with large data sets. That’s where the Google Cloud Platform comes in. The tools they’ve built for the cloud are the tools they are using internally.

This is the first course in a series of course dedicated to learning the Google Cloud Platform and attaining the Google Certified Data Engineer.

This course will lay the foundation for what you’ll need in order to become a data engineer and pass the exam. In the course we will cover all the basics of the platform and be prepared to move into the more advanced data engineering specific courses.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose


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Best Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Online Courses

Best Google Certified Professional Data Engineer Online Courses

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