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Fedora is a leading general purpose operating system which is based on Linux operating system. It is a community distribution. Beginners who are looking for the best fedora online courses, then you can choose this course. Here students will understand the topics such as VMware users, Linux web services, file services, network services, Linux log files, Linux server management, Linux commands, important networking tools, know how to add the new users in the Linux, networking commands, DNF package manager uses, know how to change the permissions of files, perl scripting, file system, fedora architecture, shell scripting, advanced topics of Fedora and so on. In the world there multiple number of Fedora online course, from them our experts has picked some best fedora online courses for you which are listed below.

#1 Fedora Basics – Udemy

web developers and programmers who wants to learn all the basics of fedora, then you can take this basics of Fedora online course which was offered by SimpliCode Point institute. Here for this Fedora online course 6k+ candidates are registered. Students will understand the procedure that how to install the fedora in the local systems. You people will understand all the basics of fedora, file system and architecture, creation of fedora, commands and the installation steps. This fedora course included one downloadable video resource and 2.5 hours demanded videos. You people are able to perform the common tasks from command line and also know how to get the fedora server.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the commands with the shell scripting, examples of shell scripting, latex, installing the various softwares like PERL and LAMP scripting.
  • Here students will learn clearly about the creation of fedora, architecture of fedora, file system, know the procedure for installing the fedora, basic commands of fedora etc.
  • You people will get the knowledge about the fedora and students will come to know about the vmware operating system.
  • Instructors will teach about the vi editor and different vi editor modes. From the shell scripting section you will understand the topics such as introduction to shell scripting, substitution, output and input redirection, shell scripting types, functions of shell scripting, man commands and example of shell scripting.
  • You people will understand that how to add the new user in the fedora and also know how to update and install the softwares. From the perl scripting section you are able to learn the concepts like condition looping, perl scripting examples etc.

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#2 Fedora Linux from Scratch – Udemy

The Fedora Linux online course is created by Juravlea Nicolea (IT consultant and security enthusiast). Here more than 7k pupils are registered their details to learn this Fedora Linux online course. Students will learn all the basic concepts of Linux commands and understand about the file permissions. You will learn all the important tools and networking commands. Here instructor providing you the certificate with full period access, one hour demand video and one downloadable video resources. You people will understand that how to setup the basic Ftp server and web server. Also learn that how to install the wordpress in the web server.
Key points:

  • Students are able to learn the concepts like encryption, partitioning, compress files and shell scripting. Know how to perform the automate tasks by using the crontab.
  • Instructors will explain all the basic topics such as Linux introduction, know how to setup the fedora in the virtualbox, Linux basic commands, know that how to add the new user in the Linux, know how to use the DNF package manager etc.
  • You people will understand about the networking commands, most useful networking tools, know how to change the permissions of files in the Linux and know that how to decrypt and encrypt the files by using gpg.
  • You will also understand the advanced topics like extraction and compression of files in Linux, middle level Linux commands, understand the Linux shell script, partitioning with the gparted, know how to automate the tasks by the crontab, know how to manage the services by using systemctl etc.
  • Also learn that how to setup the web server and know the steps for installing the wordpress in the web server.

Rating: 3.9 Out of 5
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Students will surely gratify with this Fedora online course. Here instructors will determine the essential information that what you need. If anyone have interest in learning the Fedora then you can choose any course from above mentioned fedora courses. By taking this fedora course students will get the job opportunities like telecom network administrator, Linux administrator, database analyst, Linux engineer, system developer, web ops admin, systems engineer and more. By adding this fedora course certification to your resumes then you will get good job opportunities and enhance your skills on Linux Fedora. Students can able to install different types of softwares in their local systems. Please share this fedora article with your colleagues, folks through twitter, whatsapp, instagram, linkedIn etc. instructors will surely clear out your doubts.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Fedora Books:

#1 Fedora 9 Linux Desktop Handbook by Richard Petersen
#2 A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (7th Edition) by Mark G. Sobell
#3 Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora 4th Edition by Bill McCarty
#4 Linux?Bible: Boot Up to Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE, Ubuntu, and 7 Other Distributions 2006th Edition by Christopher Negus
#5 Linux Web Server Development: A Step-by-Step Guide for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux Distributions by Christos Karayiannis & Andrew Swartzbaugh
#6 The Gray Fedora: History, Heritage, and a “Hero” by Jude Randazzo

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Best Fedora Online Courses

Best Fedora Online Courses

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