Best Embedded Linux Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Embedded Linux Online Courses

#1 Embedded Linux Step by Step using Beaglebone Black

This Course Demystifies learning Embedded Linux Systems and running embedded Linux and its various components on the Beaglebone hardware . See above “what will i learn?? ” section to understand what this course promises !

  • Interesting Hardware interfacing projects and well explained inner working details step by step
  • ‘C’ application development using Eclipse IDE for your Beaglebone hardware
  • At the end of the each section students will have exciting assignments to complete which strengthen  their understanding deeply
  • Embedded Linux quizzes to test your Understanding.
  • Q/A and project related help from the instructor

Future updates 
1)  Wireless networking projects using Beaglebone
2)  Audio / Video projects
3)  Touchscreen interfacing and much more .
My promise! 
I will personally answer your questions about this material, either privately or in a group discussion.  If you are in any way not satisfied, for any reason, you can get,  No questions asked ,a full refund from Udemy within 30 days. But I am confident you won’t need to. I stand behind this course 100% and am committed to helping you . 

#2 Raspberry Pi with embedded Linux made by Yocto

Yocto is a software framework for embedded Linux systems.
It is used by the community and the leading industry in embedded systems.
To have Yocto skills is interesting for anyone working with embedded systems.
Yocto supports a number of embedded hardware platforms, like the BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi and many others.
The knowledge of building an embedded Linux for the Raspberry Pi can be a starting point for building embedded Linux for any micro controller.
This procedure we’re going through is for any Raspberry Pi, but, if you wanna create programs in Qt5, you need to have a Raspberry Pi 3.

#3 Linux Kernel Driver Programming with Embedded Devices

Learn to write a Linux kernel module and device driver. This course will teach you how to write Linux device driver for PCI device, GPIO (General Purpose IO), USB and pseudo Network device with PING (ICMP protocol) functionality.
You will learn cross-compilation and porting kernel Image to an Embedded Device. You will learn setting up NFS (Network File System) and tftpboot server.
You will learn about boot-loader such as uboot and other aspects of Embedded Systems .
This course is designed for beginners in Embedded Systems or Device driver programming. However, Intermediates can also learn from this course.
This course includes 33 videos of various lengths with 6 sections. This course also includes Notes and ‘C’ source code for drivers.
Recently I added 3 more **BONUS** videos on “Embedded Linux booting process in ARM”. In these videos I talk about ARM general purpose and special registers, Vector table. Then I talk about boot process when reset button is pressed, bootloader, Program Address space (Data, BSS, Heal and Stack) Initial Ram Disk (initrd), then Linux kernel image loading.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Embedded Linux Books:

#1 Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical Real-World Approach (2nd Edition) by Christopher Hallinan
#2 Building Embedded Linux Systems: Concepts, Techniques, Tricks, and Traps Second Edition
by Karim Yaghmour & Jon Masters & Gilad Ben-Yossef
#3 Mastering Embedded Linux Programming by Chris Simmonds
#4 Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project (Pearson Open Source Software Development Series) 1st Edition by Rudolf J. Streif
#5 Mastering Embedded Linux Programming: Unleash the full potential of Embedded Linux with Linux 4.9 and Yocto Project 2.2 (Morty) Updates, 2nd Edition by Chris Simmonds
#6 Linux Driver Development for Embedded Processors – Second Edition: Learn to develop Linux embedded drivers with kernel 4.9 LTS by Alberto Liberal de los Ríos

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