Best AR Development with Unity Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Augmented Reality is used in industries, robotics, military and so on. Here students will learn the concepts such as basics and fundamentals of AR, how to import the augmented reality software to the unity, fundamentals of unity 3D, how to connect the unity for the cloud based AI, difference between the virtual reality and augmented reality, unity basics (rotate, scale etc.), how to capture the images to use as an image target, augmented reality book application, how to add the itween rotation animations for the objects, how to add the gui elements for the extra animations, creation of scripts, creation of account in the vuforia, how to scale the objects by the transform tool, fundamentals of C# programming language and more. Students are able to develop the augmented reality applications for the iso and android devices and also know to publish them. From the multiple number of AR development with unity online courses our panel experts has picked some best AR development with unity online courses which are listed below.        

#1 Make An AR App with Unity and Playmaker Without Coding! – Udemy

The AR applications with the playmaker and unity online course is created by Volkan Kutlubay (mobile game developer). Here 100+ pupils are enrolled their details to learn this AR applications development online course. Students will understand all the basics of unity workflow with the implementation of playmaker. You people can able to develop the ar applications for the android and ios devices. And you can also publish the AR applications without any coding knowledge. Here four hours demanded videos and six downloadble video resources are also included in this online program. Learn how to create the production provisioning and ad hoc files.
Key points:

  • Students will learn about the unity, installation of playmarker in the local system. Here you will learn that how to design the animator controller for the zombie character, know how to create the title screen for the scene, elements of gui, addition of movements, addition of itween rotation animations etc.
  • You can add the gui elements for the extra animations and also know how to add the action animations for zombie by using the ui buttons. Learn how to setup the vuforia for the scene.
  • Instructor will explain that how to integrate the admob banner ad by utilizing the google mobile ad network plugins for the unity and also explain how to set the chartboost for the interstitial ads by utilizing the playmaker actions.
  • You will understand that how create the production provision files and adhoc files, and also know how to export the application from the unity etc.
  • Learn how to free up the storage in the hard drive by deleting the unwanted files and know how to upload the application to the itune app store.

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#2 Build 12 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia – Udemy

Anyone who wants to develop the applications then this augmented reality applications with vuforia and unity online course will help to to design your own augmented reality applications. This online program is created by Dinesh Tavasalkar (technical trainer and developer). Here you people will understand the various forms of AR and its applications. Learn how to develop the arbook applications that which will detect the targets of multiple images and you can able to track the cylindrical objects and also place the digital models surrounding to the cylinder. Students can able to create the augmented reality applications by using the C# programming language.
Key points:

  • Learn about the augmented reality, difference between the virtual reality and augmented reality and know how to install the unity.
  • You will understand about the basics of unity like how to rotate, scale, game the objects in the unity, addition of material colours to the game objects, addition of background images, rotation of sphere game objects etc.
  • Students will understand about the introduction of arone application, capturing of images to use as an image target, uploading the image targets, building the apk file for the arone app, android studio software installation steps etc.
  • Instructor will explain about the augmented reality book application, augmented reality greeting card and with 2d canvas, augmented reality business card, virtual reality, cylindrical object tracking, ar video payback applications, vuforia cloud recognition etc.
  • You can able to create the AR applications from the scratch for the android and ios devices and also learn that how to track the toy car by using the 3d object tracking.

Rating: 4.3 Out of 5
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From this best AR development with unity online course you people can design more effective AR applications and can also publish the developed AR applications. Interested people can choose any course from the above mentioned AR development courses. By learning this online program students will get good job opportunities like augmented reality developer, unity 3D developer, technical architect, software engineer, unity programmer, unity 3d game developer, augmented reality software developer, mobile application developer and more. Here all the trainers has determined the essential information for you. Students can enhance their career by adding this ar development with unity online course certificate to their resumes. Please share this AR development article with your buddies, work fellows through linkedIn, whatsapp, twitter, hike, facebook etc… instructors will clear up your doubts.   
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best AR Development with Unity Books:

#1 Unity 2018 Augmented Reality Projects: Build four immersive and fun AR applications using ARkit, ARCore, and Vuforia by Jesse Glover
#2 Learn ARCore – Fundamentals of Google ARCore: Learn to build augmented reality apps for Android, Unity, and the web with Google ARCore 1.0 by Micheal Lanham
#3 Beginning iOS AR Game Development: Developing Augmented Reality Apps with Unity and C# by Allan Fowler
#4 Unity 2018 By Example: Learn about game and virtual reality development by creating five engaging projects, 2nd Edition by Alan Thorn

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Best AR Development with Unity Online Courses

Best AR Development with Unity Online Courses

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