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Apache Flink is one of the open source framework. Apache Flink is faster than Hadoop and Spark. By using Apache Flink you can able to design the different types of applications by utilizing its features. Professionals or beginners who are looking for the best apache flink online course, this is more favourable place to select the course. Here students will understand the concepts like functionalities of Flink, features, datastream operations of the dataset API, gelly API with the graph processing, windows in flink, machine learning with the Flink ML, operations on the multiple streams, difference between the real time analytics and batch, stateful processing and so on. Now a days there are multiple number of apache flink online courses in the world, from those our panel experts has picked a few best apache flink online courses for you which are listed below.    

#1 Apache Flink | A Real Time & Hands-On course on Flink – Udemy

Students who wants to learn the Apache Flink from the scratch, then you must join in this Apache Flink online course. Here 1k+ candidates are registered to learn this apache flink course. J Garg the hadoop trainer is the instructor of this apache flink course. This apache flink course also includes six hours demand videos, 34 downloadable videos, assignments and certificate with lifetime access. You will learn the latest stream processing framework of apache such as flink. Learn how to work with the components of apache flink by hands on practices. Instructor will explain that how to solve the real time business case studies with the apache flink. You people will understand about the technology that which is faster than the spark and hadoop.
Key points:

  • Firstly you will learn what is the Flink and its functionalities. You people will understand the difference between the stream processing and batch processing, streaming engine and hadoop differences.
  • You will also understand the architecture of flink and model of flink programming. Know the steps for installing flink in the local system.
  • From Transformation operations of dataset API you will understand the topics like code structure of flink program, word count by using the flatmap, filter and map, know how to perform right, left and outer join by using the flink.
  • From the datastream API operations students will understand the concepts such as data sources and sinks of the datastream API, fold operation, aggregation operation in the flink etc.
  • From the windows in flink instructors will explain the topics like triggers in the windows, evictors for the windows, know how to generate the watermarks etc. And you peoples are able to understand the topics like gelly API for the graph processing, fault tolerant, check point, state etc.

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#2 Learn By Example : Apache Flink – Udemy

People who wants to learn about the Apache flink, then you people must join in this Apache Flink online course which was offered by Loony Corn. here students will learn the apache flink with different examples. Here 3k+ students are registered to learn this apache flink online course. Here you people will come to know that how to apply the window operations for the streaming the data. You will understand that how to transform the streaming data by utilizing the datastream API and how to utilize the gelly for graph processing. This apache flink online course includes three hours on demand videos, five downloadable video resources and also certificate with full time access. Here instructor will explain that how to use the dataset API for the batch processing and know how to use the flink ml for the machine learning.
Key points:

  • From the Flink stream processing architecture you will understand the concepts like stream processing framework, different data processings such as batch processing and stream processing, streaming architecture requirements, stream processing with the apache flink.
  • You know how to install the flink. You people are able to write the flink program and know the programming model and representation of data.
  • From the Transformations using the Datastream API you will understand apache flink with different examples such as filter operation, flatmap operation, map operation, stateful and stateless transformation, number aggregations, creation of stream of tuples etc.
  • In the window operations lesson you will learn the topics like transformation of window, some examples such as twitter streaming window, count windows, session windows, implementation of custom window functions, changing the time characteristics etc.
  • You people will also understand the concepts like custom sources, transformations in the dataset API, operations on the multiple streams etc.

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#3 Learn Apache Flink :Flink is a Apache Spark Competitor – Udemy

The Apache Flink online was created by Ashok M (Architect) with ten years of experience. Students are able to understand that how to perform the stream processing or robot batch by using the apache flink. Total 41 students are enrolled for this apache flink online course. Instructor will explain that how the flink supports the stream processing. You people will learn about the storm, spark and flink. This apache flink online course also includes the certificate and 44 minutes on demand videos with the lifetime access. You will come to know that apache flink is the open source stream processing framework and know all the important features of apache flink.
Key points:

  • Firstly students will understand that what is the apache flink with clear explanation and also know about stream processing, stateful processing, comparison of real time analytics and batch.
  • You people will understand that streaming runtime will supports for both data streaming programs and batch processing.
  • Learn about fluent and elegant APIs in the scala and Java programmings and know how the runtime supports high throughput and low events latency in the same time.
  • Students will understand that apache flink will support the out of order processing and event time processing in datastream API which is based on the model of dataflow.
  • Instructor will explain that why the apache flink is flexible windowing (time, sessions, count etc) at the different time semantics like processing time and event time.
  • You are able to integrate with the Hbase, HDFS, YARN and other different components of apache hadoop ecosystem.

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We think This Article will help you a lot while choosing Best Apache Flink Online Course. If anybody interested in learning this apache flink course, then you can choose any course from above mentioned apache flink online courses. By doing this apache flink online course you people can get the job opportunities like data architect, apache flink analyst, data streaming analyst, project manager, software development engineer and so on. instructors will clear up your doubts regarding to this apache flink courses. Your professional career itinerary will enhanced by adding the apache flink course certificate to the resumes. Please share this article with your co-workers, buddies through twitter, linkedIn, facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Apache Flink Books:

#1 Introduction to Apache Flink: Stream Processing for Real Time and Beyond 1st Edition by Ellen Friedman & Kostas Tzoumas
#2 Learning Apache Flink by Tanmay Deshpande
#3 Stream Processing with Apache Flink: Fundamentals, Implementation, and Operation of Streaming Applications 1st Edition by Fabian Hueske & Vasiliki Kalavri
#4 Practical Real-time Data Processing and Analytics: Distributed Computing and Event Processing using Apache Spark, Flink, Storm, and Kafka by Shilpi Saxena & Saurabh Gupta
#5 Streaming Predictive Analytics on Apache Flink by Foteini Beligianni
#6 First Lessons in Autodesk Maya 2018: Level 1: Tutorials 6 to 10 by Donna Betancourt

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Best Apache Flink Online Courses

Best Apache Flink Online Courses

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