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Leaflet is the open source library of javascript. Most of the developers uses this leaflet Js. Professionals who are waiting for the best leaflet JS courses, then this is more advantageous place to selec the course. Here students will learn the concept like base layers, map controlling, creation of mobile applications, geocoding, basics of leaflet, know how to export the GIS data into geojson format, fundamentals of web programming, variables and loops of Javascript, leaflet popups, leaflet location methods, advanced topics of leaflet (polygon, animation, clustering, heatmaps)  and more. Here students will enhance their knowledge on Javascript, Jquery, bootstrap, css, html, ajax, php, sql programming languages. In the modern world there are multiple number of leaflet Js online courses in the world, from them our experts has picked some best Leaflet Js online courses for you which are mentioned below.

#1 Leaflet JS – Create Apps using Leaflet JS – Udemy

People who wants to learn about the mapping solutions then you must take this leaflet Js online course. Here 7k+ students are registered to learn this online course. SimpliCode institute was offered this leaflet online course. Sukanti is the founder of SimpliCode institute. Students will learn about the multipolygons and multi polylines leaflet markers. Learn the procedure that how to develop the mobile mapping applications. This leaflet Js online course includes two hours demand videos and the certificate with full time access. This course also includes the baselayers, map controls, creation of mobile applications, creation of custom markers, geocoding, creation of simple basemaps, geojson etc.   
Key points:

  • Firstly you will learn about the introduction of leaflet, baselayers, overlays, creation of polygon and rectangle by using overlays, creation of overlay polygon etc.
  • You people will understand that how to import the external from the leaflet and know how to create the database. Instructor will explain that how to connect the database by using the php script.
  • Students will also understand that how to export the data in the leaflet, know how to fetch the exported data into the leaflet continuously, know about base map and ESRI base map.
  • From coding instructors will explain about the geo coding and with examples, angularJs with the leaflet, shape files, introduction to the data visualization framework, heat maps and more.
  • After this leaflet Js course students are able to create more effective applications by using the leafletJs. You will understand all the advanced topics of leaflet like polygon, animation, clustering, heatmaps etc.  

Rating: 3.9 Out of 5
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#2 Leaflet for Beginners – Udemy

Beginners who wants to learn the leaflet then you people must take this leaflet for beginners online course which was created by Samy Eduonix, Eduonix tech and Eduonix learning solutions. Here 11k+ students are registered to take this leaflet online course. You people will understand the process for creation of map based applications with the leafletJs. Students will improve their skills while working with the real world applications and also learn the core topics of leafletJs. Here this leaflet course also includes the certificate of completion, one article, 5.5 hours on demand videos, five downloadable videos with lifetime access. Instructors will explain all the latest concepts like clustering, heat maps, drawing and animation.
Key points:

  • Students will learn about the mapping online, data and leafletJs. Students will understand the basics of leafletJs like shapes, icons and popups, geoJsons, designs, bounds, events etc.  
  • From the interactivity and overlays you people will understand the topics like design of overlay, map data, integration, advance integrations and so on.
  • Instructors explain the advanced topics such as images on map, big data, animations, clustering, heatmaps, directions and routing, drawing and geolocation.  
  • You can able to know the different features and add them to the maps. You will come to know how that how to show the routes on maps and know how to animate with different aspects, know how to add the zoom effects etc.
  • You people will also know that how to add the features to the map and know how to integrate them with the application.

Rating: 4.3 Out of 5
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#3 Introduction to web programming for GIS applications – Udemy

Web Programming for GIS applications course was offered by Michael Miller (gis programmer). Students will understand the fundamentals of web programming which are focused on the geospatial applications by using the leaflet, postgis and turf.js. Here 1k+ candidates are registered their details to learn this online course. Students will gain the knowledge of Javascript, Jquery, bootstrap, css, html, ajax, php, sql etc. this online course includes five downloadable video resources, 14.5 on demand videos and also certificate with full time access. You people will learn about client server architecture and know how it will works. And also understand about the minor and major components of web applications.
Key points:

  • From the HTML content and structure students will understand the topics such as basics of html documentation structure, basics of html tags, additional html tags, html forms, tables of html etc.
  • You people will also understand the concepts like CSS introduction, CSS precedence, different places that css includes in the document, uses of css, pseudo selectors of css and colours in the css.
  • Students are able to learn about the document object models, events, instantiation and abstraction, different objects in the computer programs, Javascript introduction, calculations in Javascript, event handlers, variables, loops and arrays in Javascript etc.   
  • Instructors will also explain the libraries, plugins, APIs, frameworks, bootstrap and jQuery introduction, methods of jQuery, server side technologies introduction, creation of sql statements, sql introduction, introduction to ajax and php and so on.
  • You people will also understand the examples of client server and server side. Students will come to know that how to install the postgis and postgresql in the local systems.

Rating: 4.5 Out 5
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#4 Mapping in Leaflet JS – Udemy

Mapping in Leaflet JS online course was created by Victor Temprano (founder of mapster). Students will understand all the features and geoJSONs for making the leaflet maps. Here 100+ students are enrolled their details to do this leaflet js online course. Instructors will explain that how to build the filters which are complex and can able to handle the live data. This leaflet js online course also includes 5.5 hours on demand videos, certificate and two downloadable videos with full time access. Here you people can also know that how to manage the events. Instructor will clearly explains that why this leaflet is used for building the strong  mapping interfaces, interactivity with map etc.
Key points:

  • You will learn that how the online maps work with the major mapping APIs and know how the data will work with the online map.
  • From the leaflet basics students will understand the topics like how to initialize and add the shapes to maps, know how to add the popups very easily, how to set the custom marker, features of events, events with maps, designs, geojsons and more.
  • From the interactivity and overlays you will learn the topics like loading the map data, interface and integration of data, overlay designs, filters making slider, selection of dropdowns , geographic data calculations and so on.
  • Instructor will explain the advanced concepts in the leafletjs like images on the map, big data, geolocation, heatmaps, clustering, directions, routings, animation, drawing, user editing and so on.

Rating: 4.8 Out of 5
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#5 Display and analyze GIS data on the web with Leaflet – Udemy

People who wants to enhance their skills in the analyzing and displaying the data on web with leaflet, then you people can choose this leaflet online course which is created by Micheal Millar (GIS programmer). Here 1k+ candidates are enrolled to learn this leaflet online course. Students will understand the that how to transfer out the GIS data into geojson format and know how to load the data into map. Instructors will explain that how to design the vector data and style it to the map and also know how to analyze the spatial relationship. This online course also includes 66 downloadable videos, 13.5 hours on demand video and certificate with the lifetime access. You will learn how to search for the elements of specific data and view the attributes.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the basics of client server architecture, anatomy of URL, know how to set the directory structure, know how to create the web map, leaflet documentation, leaflet plugins, editors etc.
  • From leaflet map object you will understand the topics like leaflet popups, connecting the map object with the DOM, native leaflet controls, leaflet location method etc.
  • Students will understand the topics such as raster overlay, leaflet basemaps, layers and control of layer, polygon objects, marker object, polyline and path objects, leaflet draw plugin, layer groups, creation of custom markers, plugin leaflet marker styles etc.    
  • You people will understand the concepts like building the search box in the leaflet (HTML,Javascript, CSS), editing the geometry in the leaflet, analyzing the data with the turf.js in the leaflet, legends in the leaflet and so on.

Rating: 4.4 Out of 5
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The Leaflet Js is more popular library in the world. You will surely satisfy with this article, where instructors are determining all the necessary information regarding to this Leaflet Js online course. If you people are interested in doing this leaflet Js course then select any course from the above listed Leaflet Js online courses. Students will get the good job opportunities by learning this best Leaflet Js online course like leaflet Javascript developer, angular developer, front end Javascript developer, front end engineer, web front end developer, enterprise architect, web developer, software engineer and so on. By adding this leaflet Js course certificate in your resume then your career itinerary will increase. You can post your doubts in the comment section. Instructors kindly requesting that to share this leaflet JS article with your colleagues, folks through whatsapp, twitter, facebook, linkedIn etc…  
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Leaflet Js Books:

#1 Leaflet.js Essentials by Paul Crickard III
#2 Instant Interactive Map designs with Leaflet JavaScript Library How-to by Jonathan Derrough
#3 Notebook Leaflets by Ellen G. While

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Best Leaflet Js Online Courses

Best Leaflet Js Online Courses

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