What is mean by keyword difficulty? How it is helpful to SEO tool

                           When doing keyword research the keyword competition and keyword SEO difficulty are the major keyword metric. In exact monthly search volume the keyword difficulty is one of the critical metric and the SERP analysis is also one of the critical metric. The keyword difficulty is used to get the best keyword and it is also use to improve SEO.
For SEO tool the keyword difficulty is helpful
In SEMrush tool, For getting the best keyword you must go to keyword difficulty tool and then you must find low competition keyword. If you have 100 keywords then you must enter all the keywords and analysis by clicking the difficulty button. Then it will give the keyword difficulty score for every keyword. By that you can understand which keyword is the best keyword.
The keyword difficulty score will be shown by depending up on the PA (page authority) and DA(domain authority)scores. The PA score and DA score will give the ranks for the keyword and it will show either the rank is in top position or not. The quality of homepage and internal page is also important. To calculate the keyword difficulty in SEO tool you must remember this steps. There are, In the first page of the google SERP you must calculate the link profile strength for each and every website. The quality of the website will be ranked by SEO tool and it will be calculated by depending up on the Moz metric. Each website of the domain authority will be taken in to the account. By doing all this you will get the final value. That value is the keyword difficulty value in SEO tool.
In above diagram we can see the keyword SEO difficulty ranges. If you get the less range in keyword difficulty then it is the best keyword and it will be shown in green color. If you get the range from 40-54 then it is a average keyword. It will be show in yellow color. If the keyword difficulty range is from 75-100 then that keyword is worst keyword don’t choose that kind of keywords. It will be shown in red color.
                              The keyword difficulty is important for getting the best keyword in the SEO tool. For every keyword it will show the keyword difficulty range. If the keyword difficulty range is low then you can understand it is the best keyword for your website. If the keyword difficulty is high then don’t choose that keyword because it is the worst keyword. By depending up on the PA and DA score the keyword difficulty score will be shown.

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