Best Redis Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Best Redis Online Courses:

#1 Learn Redis from Scratch

  • Learn to use Redis in your web projects
  • Understand and master Redis philosophy and development techniques
  • Master Professional Redis tips and tricks
  • Create a complete professional project using Redis

This Redis tutorial is the best place for you to progress from a newbie to an advanced user of Redis. Go from knowing nothing about Redis, to actually being able to create an application using this powerful database.

This Redis course has been specifically designed for beginners who have never worked with Redis before. You will learn everything you need to know about Redis, including what is Redis, what is this database best used for, how to install Redis on your system, etc.

You will learn everything about the basic fundamentals of Redis such as the different data structures, various clients that work with Redis, different key-value pair commands (scan, config, commands, and client), how to persist data to disks and even the different methods of persisting data.

#2 Build Complex Express Sites with Redis and Socket IO

Build and develop your own multi-purpose real-time websites with Redis and Socket IO

  • Understand the commands, data types, and the storage structure of Redis
  • Implement basic messaging through Redis
  • See how to build sites by integrating Redis and Node.js
  • Master the installation and application of
  • Interact with different browsers using Node.js and
  • Create Room and Namespace applications using
  • Use Redis to implement multi-server
  • Know how to implement out of process messaging using with Express

#3 Learn Redis And Utilize Jedis With Spring Data Redis

A guide to learn Redis, and build Spring application with Jedis and Spring Data Redis

  • Learn when to use SQL VS No-SQL
  • Learn Redis Installation, main data types, execute commands, transactions, backup(RDB,AOF) ,and sub/pub.
  • Build your own Spring backend application with Jedis client, and Spring data redis.
  • Learn Redis Sentinel and Cluster
  • Understand Redis Template , Redis Serializers ,and Jedis Pooling.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Redis Books:

#1 Redis in Action 1st Edition by Josiah L. Carlson

#2 Redis Essentials by Maxwell Dayvson Da Silva & Hugo Lopes Tavares

#3 Redis Cookbook: Practical Techniques for Fast Data Manipulation 1st Edition by Tiago Macedo & Fred Oliveira

#4 Redis Applied Design Patterns by Arun Chinnachamy

#5Redis 4.x Cookbook: Over 80 hand-picked recipes for effective Redis development and administration by Pengcheng Huang & Zuofei Wang

#6 Mastering Redis by Jeremy Nelson

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Best Redis Online Courses

Best Redis Online Courses

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