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OpenCV is a library of computer vision. By using opencv you people can perform the object detection, video analysis, extraction of features etc. Beginners who are searching for the best opencv online courses then this correct place to do the course. Here from this opencv courses students will learn the concepts like important functionalities of the opencv library, opencv image transformations, object detection by using the pretrained models, how to read and display the images, techniques of image processing,  how to compute the histogram of rgb and grayscale image, how to track the objects by using the colours, how to write the threshold programs, how to develop the applications (document control, object tracking, techniques of OCR etc), how to interface the application with the media player, preprocessing the inputs of video, know how to remove the false contour, recognition of face by utilizing the machine learning, morphological operations and so on. Nowadays there are multiple number of opencv online courses in the world from those our experts have been selected a few best opencv online courses for you which are listed below.           

#1 Hands on Computer Vision with OpenCV & Python – Udemy

People who are interested on the computer vision then you can take this computer vision with the Python and opencv online course which is offered by Shrobon Biswas. Here more than 900 candidates are doing this computer vision with the opencv and python online course. Students will understand all the techniques of image processing. Instructor will provide twelve downloadable video clips, one article and 3.5 hours on demanded videos with lifetime support. Here instructor was also offering some real time projects which will enhance the students skills on computer vision.
Key points:

  • You people will understand the concepts like how to read and display the images, channels, subplots, know how to get the images from the url, how to write an image file to the disk histograms, how to compute the histogram of rgb and grayscale image etc.
  • Students are able to learn the topics like how to modify and access the pixels, rectangles, squares, image transformation, flipping, rotation, basics of thresholding, how to program the snipping utility, median filter introduction, blurring, removal of noise etc.
  • Instructor will discuss about the topics like how to write the threshold programs, adaptive thresholding, programming the custom glitter filter is the project, superimposing the images, how to access the webcam and so on.
  • You will learn about the topics how to change the colour spaces in the videos, tracking of objects by using the colours, contours, how to remove the false contour, and vehicle detection from the traffic videos is another project.  

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#2 Computer Vision Fundamentals with OpenCV and C# – Udemy

The Fundamentals of computer vision with the C# and opencv online course is offered by F. Frank Oz (software architect and author). Here students will learn how to develop the applications like document control, object tracking, techniques of OCR, barcode reading and text segmentation. Here more than 100 people are registered to learn this Fundamentals of computer vision. Instructor was offering eight downloadable videos and five hours demanded videos with full support. You will understand about manipulation of image pixels, grayscale image conversions, image bitwise operations, scharr edge detection methods, techniques of image thresholding and so on.
Key points:

  • You people will learn about how to load, save and display the images, elements and basics of images, introduction to the mat object, creation of mat object, know how to clone and copy the mat objects, how to split the mat type images to the channels etc.
  • Students will understand about the manipulation of mat object image, how to draw the shapes on the images, how to shift, rotate, flip and resize the images, bitwise operations on the images, thresholding, introduction to otsu, how to plot the histogram of image etc.
  • Instructor will discuss the topics like convolution and filters introduction, loas pass filter, introduction of sobel filter, introduction to canny edge detection method, implementation of canny edge detection, canny algorithm, contour analysis and detection etc.
  • You are able to understand about the morphological operations, dilation and erosion, object tracking, barcode decoding and detection etc.

Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 
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#3 OpenCV: Master OpenCV 3 Application Development Using Python – Udemy

The OpenCV3 Application Development by using the Python online course is offered by Packt Publishing’s. You people can able to develop the computer vision opencv applications by using the python language. Students will learn how to build the image search engine from scratch which are based on the feature extraction and you can explore the opencv functions for the text detection. Instructors will discuss the process for creating the android applications with the AR and HDR capabilities and also explain how to build the android selfie camera application with the emotion based selfie filters. This  OpenCV3 Application Development course includes one downloadable video and 9.5 hours demanded videos with lifetime support.
Key points:

  • Students will understand about the topics like human visual systems, image content, installation of opencv, cmake configurations, creation of library, managing the dependencies, matrices, how to write and read the images, object types etc.
  • You will learn the concepts like basic matrix operations, storage, data persistence, opencv user interface, graphical user interface with the QT, how to add the mouse and slider events for the interface, creation of gui, how to draw the histogram, image colour equalization etc.
  • Here instructor will discuss the concepts such as installation of tesseract ocr on the operating system, OCR introduction, frame differencing, mixture of gaussian approach, segmenting the input image, internal images, creation of application for the AOI etc.
  • Students will learn how to rotate, wrap, stretch by using the opencv, image derivatives, reverse image search, extraction of contours from the images, mean shift segmentation, extraction of features by using the CNN etc.
  • Instructors explain about the camera projection models, generation of point clouds, street view, estimation of 3d head post, measurements, sensors, how to build the panorama application etc.

Rating: 3.9 Out of 5     
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Instructors are hoping that you people will definitely gratify with this opencv article. People who are thinking to learn this opencv online course then you people can pick any course from the above mentioned courses. You are able to understand all the basics and advanced concepts of this opencv article. By doing thi opencv online courses students can get the best job opportunities like computer vision developer, image processing engineer, software developer, image processing expert, solution architect, data scientist, technical architect and so on. here instructors will definitely clear out all your queries regarding the opencv article. Students job career will be enhanced by adding this opencv courses certification to their resumes. Please share this opencv article with your colleagues, friends through facebook, linkedIn, whatsapp, hike, instagram, twitter etc.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Critical Thinking Books:

#1 Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library 1st Edition by Gary Bradski & Adrian Kaehler
#2 Learning OpenCV 3: Computer Vision in C++ with the OpenCV Library 1st Edition by Adrian Kaehler & Gary Bradski
#3 Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino: Using Python and OpenCV by Jeff Cicolani
#4 Machine Learning for OpenCV: Intelligent image processing with Python by Michael Beyeler
#5 Computer Vision with OpenCV 3 and Qt5: Build visually appealing, multithreaded, cross-platform computer vision applications by Amin Ahmadi Tazehkandi
#6 Open Source Computer Vision for Beginners: Learn OpenCV using C++ in fastest possible way by Nuruzzaman Faruqui
#7 Learn OpenCV 4 by Building Projects: Build real-world computer vision and image processing applications with OpenCV and C++, 2nd Edition by David Millan Escriva & Vinicius G. Mendonca & Prateek Joshi
#8 Mastering OpenCV 4 with Python: A practical guide covering topics from image processing, augmented reality to deep learning with OpenCV 4 and Python 3.7 by Alberto Fernandez Villan

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Best OpenCV Online Courses

Best OpenCV Online Courses

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