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Next.js is an Open-source web application it includes Vue.js, Babel.js, Node.js, Webpack. Most of the people searching for the best Next.js online courses. It was developed by Alexandre Chopin and Sebastien Chopin. Here Students can learn concepts like Next.js basics, Slate editor, Page UX , and SEO improvements, Cookie Authentication,  social media app, Firebase, Validation, Finalising, SSR blogs app, SSR React apps, Source code, React Hooks , etc. It can be used in Store data in Urls, Custom routes, Prefetching pages, CSS Support, Static file serving (images), Dynamic routing , etc. Various Next.js online courses are there in the world, In that our expert panel selected some of the Next.js courses and mentioned below.

#1 Complete Next.js with React & Node – Beautiful Portfolio App – Udemy

The Complete Next.js with React and Node-Portfolio App which is offered by Filip Jerga. Already 1k+ students have enrolled. Next.js is a server-side and includes Master Next.js, React and Node. You can learn how to Build portfolio websites, how to create blog editor, Functionalities, Handling, Blog, Deployment, storing data in MongoDB , etc. The Instructor can explain the concepts such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Isomorphic Applications, Architecture of Next, React to web development , etc. This course includes 28.5 hours on-demand video with full lifetime access.and 26 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • You can learn the topics such as Introduction, Set Up for Busy Developers, Setup completed project, Next.js basics, Project from Github, Compatibility, JSX and New page, Simple Navigation, SPA and MPA, Shared Components, React Props, Base Layout, Types of Styling, Life cycle, super functions, Callbacks and Arrow Functions etc.
  • The Instructor can explain the concepts such as How does our application works, SSR vs CSR, Get Initial Props parts I&II, Fetch posts from API, Dynamic links, Queries, Extended and  basic server, Small note to server-side rendering, Push project to Github, Warning Fix for Portfolio , etc.
  • You can also learn the concepts like Base shape of the portfolio, Bootstrap integration, Custom fonts, Index style paging, Typed.js library, Base page component, Authentication, Start, Login, Logout, Save tokens in cookies, Decoded token Fix, Axios Auth headers, Server side role Authorization , etc.
  • You are able to build the Portfolio features, Different headers, Formic Specific inputs, Book model+Post Route, Testing update functionality, UI Buttons Navigation, Sort date, Slate editor, Block Formatting Debugging, Hover menu start, Hover Block Buttons , etc.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.
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#2 Universal React with Next.js – The Ultimate Guide – Udemy

People who are interested to learn the Universal React with Next.js-The Complete Guide which is offered by Reed Barger. Already 1k+ students have enrolled. You can build the server-rendered React apps, Complete Node, Express backend, Added features of React, Tools Required etc. The instructor explains the concepts like Portfolio App, Next links, Serving Static images, Components, CSS with styled JSX, Fetching data, Custom error page etc. The instructor explains  each and every concept step-by-step for better understanding to the students. This course includes 9.5 hours on-demand video with full lifetime access and 1 downloadable resource.
Key points: 

  • You can learn the topics such as Getting started, Dynamic pages with Query Parameters, Cleaner Urls, Deploying our app, Deploying Static sites, Hackers new progressive web app, Styling new stories, Adding layout component, SEO, Adding comments, Deploying hacker etc.
  • The instructor explains the concepts Cookie Authentication with express, Init project, User’s profile login, Creating, Displaying, Navigating, Persisting user session with custom document page, Client and server, Clearing cookies, Protected Route guards etc.
  • You can also learn the Full-stack social media App, Git Clone projects, MongoDB Atlas, Validate signup, Following users, Unfollowing users, Liking and unliking our posts, Adding and removing comments on posts, Deleting posts, Toggling Auth, Showing error and success for editing the user, Splash page, Scaffolding comments, Bonus etc.
  • After the completion , of‌ ‌course,you are able to build the User interfaces with material UI, Passport Authentication, Building Index layout, New progressive web app and so on.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5.
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#3 Universal React with Next.js. The complete guide – Udemy

The complete guide on Universal React with Next.js which is offered by MoHo Khaleqi. The instructor is a skilled and professional Software & Web developer. The instructor explains the concepts such as ES6, Firebase/Firestore, Web development, React, Auth, Next js, Javascript etc. The instructor explains each and every concept in detail for better understanding to students. You can learn how to develop server-side rendering vs client-side rendering, How to create page component, Footer and header style and so on. This course includes 7 hours on-demand video with full lifetime access and 1 downloadable resource.
Key points:  

  • You can learn  topics such as Introduction to course, What are we going to build, What’s Next. js, Hello Next.js, eslint and prettier, Static files, Built in CSS, Shared component-The nav bar, SASS and Bulma, Bulma continue etc.
  • The instructor explains the concepts Blog project, _app.js , and Page component,  Populate Head, Working on the navigation, Dynamic title, Sticky footer, Firebase, Dotenv, Read data from firestore, Refactor firestore, Blog list and item components, SSR with the express, NProgress , etc.
  • You will learn the concepts like Show a blog continues, Extracting blog, User Avatar, Toggle edit , and view blog, Fix the memory leak issue, Edit blog with re-base, User re-base in home page, Title and meta tags, Authentication with Google, Twitter, Facebook and Github, Auth handler , etc.
  • After the completion you able to create dynamic web development, Add user dynamically when creating a blog, local storage user, Update firebase to prevent console errors , etc.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.
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Conclusion: Here instructors hoping that people will definitely delight with this Next.js. People who are interested to learn Next.js online courses then you can choose any course from above mentioned. You are able to understand in Basics of  Next.js will further help you for building advanced concepts. By doing this Next.js you will get job opportunities such as Next.js developer, Full stack developer, Senior web developer, React developer, Full-stack react native developer, Typescript, NextJS Experienced developer, Front end developer , etc. The instructors will clarify  all queries. After completion , of‌ ‌course, you will get a Verified Certificate. you can add this certification into your resume it will be enhanced their job opportunity. Please share Next.js article to you Friends, Colleagues, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter , etc. 

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Best Next Js Online Courses

Best Next Js Online Courses

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