Best Julia Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Best Julia Online Courses

Getting Started With Julia

Julia is a new programming language designed for the needs of data scientists, statisticians, scientific computing, and engineers. Usually these disciplines have had to use a variety of of tools and languages:

  • Matlab
  • Python with Numpy
  • R
  • C/C++ or Fortran for high performance

With Julia you can replace all these tools with one programming language, since it offers both flexibility and speed.
Julia is a young language with limited documentation and although rapidly growing, a small user community. Most developers today will know the object oriented paradigm used in mainstream languages such as Python, Java and C++. This presents a challenge switching to Julia which is more functionally oriented. This course will not only introduce the language, but also explain how to think differently about problems with the Julia approach.

Hello Julia: Learn the New Julia Programming Language

The secret to making the big bucks and landing that dream programming job is pretty simple. Pick a few key languages and get really, really good at them. Choosing languages that have a solid foundation and a promising future is also a good idea; and Julia fits that bit perfectly. This relatively new kid on the block (its first release was in 2012) is on the verge of becoming huge, and this online course will help you get one step ahead of everyone else by learning it fast, and learning it now.

Learning Path: Julia: Explore Data Science with Julia

Almost all companies these days are investing thousands of dollars in data analysis to get their data analyzed. Well, in fact studies say that there are around 73% of organizations have invested in Big Data. Why do you think that is the case? What can you reap of the data, ideally just 1s and 0s? Moreover, how does this data help an organization’s future?

Most of you might have guessed it right; the market trends, the consumer habits can all be precisely predicted, if we are able to analyze our data efficiently. This Learning Path will tell you how you can achieve all this by using Julia.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are an amalgamation of multiple video courses that are logically tied together to provide you with a larger learning curve.

With the amount of data that is generated in the world these days, we are faced with the challenge of analyzing this data. Julia, which enjoys the benefits of a sophisticated compiler, parallel execution, and an all-encompassing mathematical function library, acts as a very good tool that helps us work with data more efficiently.

In this Learning Path, embark on your journey from the basics of Julia, right from installing it on your system and setting up the environment. You will then be introduced to the basic machine learning techniques, data science models, and concepts of parallel computing.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Julia Books:

#1 Getting started with Julia Programming Language by Ivo Balbaert

#2 Julia Programming for Operations Research: A Primer on Computing by Changhyun Kwon

#3 Mastering Julia by Malcolm Sherrington

#4 Learning Julia: Build high-performance applications for scientific computingby Anshul Joshi & Rahul Lakhanpal

#5 Beginning Julia Programming: For Engineers and Scientists by Sandeep Nagar

#6 Julia for Data Science by Anshul Joshi

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