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VBScript is a visual basic scripting language. Students who are waiting for the best VBScript online courses then this is the most advantageous place to do the course. By using the visual basic script you can design the software interfaces. From this VBScript online course you will learn the concepts like Fundamentals of VBScripting, how to create the reusable VB functions, constants and variables, arrays, how to reduce the run times and increase the reusability, descriptive programming, how to design the scripts that which will provide the consistent results, playback and recordings in uft, features of uft, automation test life cycle management, parameterization, handling of errors in uft, know how the functional automated tools are used for automated regression testing and so on. In the world there are multiple number of VBScript online courses from them our panel experts have been selected some best VBScript online courses for you which are listed below.     

#1 VBScripting Fundamentals – Udemy

The Fundamentals of VBScripting online course is created by Global Students can able to create the loops and VBScripts. You will also know how to work with the folders, drives by using the file system objects and drives. Here more than 900 pupils are enrolled to learn this Fundamentals of VBScripting online course. Students are able to create the reusable VB functions and conditional statements. This Fundamentals of VBScripting course includes 19 downloadable videos, assignments, 14 articles and 7 hours videos with full period support. Instructors will discuss the working procedure with the excel object models. 
Key points:

  • Firstly instructor will explain the topics like VBScripting introduction, how to run the created VBScripts, msgbox, constants and variables, arrays, and some assignments. 
  • You people will understand the concepts like how to accept the input from the users, usage of input box, how to use the operators, is statements, how to respond to the msgbox return values, how to use the select case statement etc.
  • Students are able to understand the topics like using loops, procedures, byref and byval, how to use the built in functions, file system objects, object models of file systems objects, know where to locate the FSO etc.
  • You are able to learn about the introduction to the drives, basic scripts, drive scripts, introduction to the folders, know how to create, copy, delete and move the folders, how to get the parent folder names, information of folders etc.
  • Instructor will discuss the topics like files fundamentals, how to write, create, read, and move the files, excel object models, how to read and write to the excel documents, creation of workbook and so on.

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#2 The Complete UFT/QTP + VB Scripting Course in (Latest) – Udemy

The complete VBScripting and UFT online course is offered by Vijay Shinde (founder os support testing help academy). Students will learn the uft on the advanced versions from scratch and you can able to create the automation framework. Instructor will explain all the advanced and basic selenium testing techniques. You will understand that how to reduce the run times and how to increase the reusability. This complete VBScripting and UFT online course includes three downloadable videos, some assignments, one article and 18 hours videos. You people will understand that when to utilize the automation and know how to design the scripts that which will provide consistent results.   
Key points:

  • Students will understand the concepts like installation process of uft, manual and automation testing, playback and recordings in the uft, features of uft, analog recording, insight recording, low level and normal recording etc.
  • You will learn the topics such as variable declaration, operators, data types, loop and conditional statements, arrays, types of datatable, properties of datatables, methods of datatables, types of actions in the uft, functions, argument function etc.
  • Instructors will explain the concepts like parameterization, data table parameterization, objects, types of repository, local and shared repository, object identification, checkpoints in uft, output values in uft, descriptive programming, handling of errors in uft etc.
  • You will also understand the topics like recovery scenarios, object synchronization methods, automation object model, functions in VBScript and uft, dictionary objects, debug viewer, file system object, automation framework in uft, virtual objects, etc.
  • Students will learn about the regular expressions, working with the excel, repositories collection objects, relative and absolute path, uft api testing, automation test life cycle management etc.

Rating: 4 Out of 5
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#3 Functional Automation using UFT 12.54(QTP) – Udemy

The Functional Automation by using UFT online course is created by Testing World academy. Here 200+ people are already registered to learn this Functional Automation by using UFT online course. Students can able to work on the automation testing by utilizing the uft. Instructors will discuss all the advanced topics of uft. You people will learn that how to do the automation testing on the real ecommerce applications with the help of advanced VBScripting. This Functional Automation by using UFT online course includes two hours on demanded videos and certificate with full life support. Students will learn about the descriptive programming, object repository, parameters etc.
Key points:

  • Instructor will discuss how to start the uft tool, how to record the script, keyword view and script view. From the recording types section you people will understand the topics such as analog recordings, insight recording, various types of recordings and low level recordings.
  • From the actions section instructors will discuss the concepts like creation of multi action scripts while recording and before recording, various types of actions, external actions, know the differences among the non reusable and reusable actions.
  • You are able to understand the concepts like objects, local object repository multiple actions, shared object repository from the local OR, object repository, direct sharing process of the objects repository etc.
  • Students will learn the concepts such as object repository features like addition of object, located in the repository, changing the property and names, updating from the application, object spy etc.
  • You will understand that how the functional automated tool was used for automated regression testing and can able to identify the defects, errors while testing.

Rating: 3.7 Out of 5
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Instructors are hoping that you people are gratified with this VBScript courses. If you people are interested to do this VBScript course then choose any VBScript course from above mentioned courses. By doing this VBScript online courses students will get the best job opportunities like software engineering, ui path developer, VBScript developer, VBScript trainer, QTP test engineer, test analyst, automation test engineer, selenium tester, system administrator, selenium test analyst and more. Instructors will definitely clear out your doubts which are regarding to this VBScript. Students job career itinerary will be improved by adding this best VBScript online courses certificate to the resumes. Please share this VBScript article with your buddies, coworkers through linkedIn, hike, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter etc.      
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best VB Script Books:

#1 VBScript Programmer’s Reference 3rd Edition by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes & Kathie Kingsley-Hughes &Daniel Read
#2 VBScript in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition by Paul Lomax & Matt Childs & Ron Petrusha
#3 Microsoft VBScript: Step by Step PAP/CDR Edition by Ed Wilson
#4 VBScript Pocket Reference 1st Edition by Paul Lomax & Matt Childs & Ron Petrusha
#5 VBScript Programming Success in a Day: Beginner?s Guide to Fast, Easy and Efficient Learning of VBScript Programming by Sam Key
#6 Microsoft PowerShell, VBScript and JScript Bible 1st Edition by William R. Stanek & James O’Neill & Jeffrey Rosen
#7 (Part 1) You Must Learn VBScript for QTP/UFT: Don’t Ignore The Language For Functional Automation Testing (Black & White Edition) by Rex Allen Jones II

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Best VB Script Online Courses

Best VB Script Online Courses

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