Best Hindi Language(Learn from English) Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Here Best Hindi Language(Learn from English) Online Courses

#1 Let’s Learn Hindi through English

Learn to speak and write Hindi with ease and confidence in order to achieve your professional and personal goals.

HIndi has been the lingua franca of India and being a proud Indian, I would like to introduce you to this course “Let’s Learn Hindi through English”. The reason we have chosen English as the driver is its position as the world’s common tongue.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Alphabets (vowels and consonants)
  • Numbers
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Basic Grammar concepts
  • Conversation in various scenarios

We shall focus on enhancing your communication ability. Keeping that in mind, a special section is dedicated to practicing conversation in some likely daily scenarios.

you will learn

  • Communicate easily with the vernacular speakers of India.
  • Read and comprehend basic Hindi literature.
  • Explore the rich tradition and culture of India.
  • Acquire indepth knowledge about various other aspects while travelling or setting up business in India.
  • Naturally learn to speak Hindi through ‘real daily life conversations’.

#2 Hindi Writing : Tips and Techniques

Explore & master Hindi writing skill .Feel the color sound & texture of words.Follow the tips to be confident in writing

Hindi being the official language of India has been the widest spoken language with around 500 million people speaking  across the world. After learning this language, getting  acquainted with other languages like  SANSKRIT, ARABIC, PUNJABI, BENGALI  etc  becomes easy.

If ever you wish to travel and explore India this particular language will be of great help to you. Also for expanding your business or even pursuing special courses learning how to write in Hindi would be an added asset.

This course has been well structured for all such non-native speakers who wish to learn the most beautiful and creative aspect of language ie WRITING

The course has 60 video lectures providing an insight to the language and its intricacies. The grammatical concepts have been  well  introduced and fully  explained.  As Devanagari  script is phonetic  so pronunciation is  not an issue still scientific transliteration throughout makes the course more interesting. Its  appealing examples enhance even heritage learners’ cultural knowledge of Hindi literature

Alphabets (vowels and consonants), barahkhadi ,  grammar structure and pattern, basic vocabulary and a few interesting phrases and sentences are some of the highlights of this course.

you will learn

  • Communicate easily with the vernacular speakers of India.
  • Read and comprehend basic Hindi literature. Enjoy music, movies & TV programs.
  • Become intimate with the magnanimity of Indian culture.
  • Develop an eloquent and articulate penmanship.
  • After learning how to write you will find your own new style of communication.
  • Convey your thoughts in daily expressions and other academic writing.
  • Understand the Hindi Devnagari script and the phonic sounds of vowels and consonants in Hindi.
  • Understand simple Hindi words and phrases on a variety of thematic topics and day to day affairs.

#3 Learn Hindi SUPER Easy (Complete HINDI Speaking Course 2017)

Namaste!! Course for absolute beginners in Hindi and Learn through fun methods to start speaking Hindi from day one.

This course is designed to any one who is willing to learn Hindi language.

It is meant for people who has little or no knowledge of  Hindi. This course has been designed by experienced trainer who have taught Hindi for years, the  trainer speaker who are natives.This lesson includes an introductory video, plus 14 instructional videos to teach you basic vocabulary, grammar, and inform you about culture.

  • Over 3 hours of content including videos, quizzes and printable experiments.
  • You will learn about grammar, sentence structure, tenses, gender using simple sentences in Hindi.
  • To create virtual immersion  students will be provided with real time scenarios.
  • Progressive & comprehensive learning conducted in English
  • Additional notes within the videos for a better understanding

you will learn

  • By the end of this course you will be able to hold basic conversation with native Hindi speaker.
  • Be able to express some basic desires, needs and wants in Hindi.
  • Learn how to use right tense for right situations.
  • Learn basic and advanced Hindi Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.
  • Master your skills in Hindi language as this course is designed to make you comfortable in real life situations where Hindi becomes necessity.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Hindi Books:

#1 Elementary Hindi: Learn to Communicate in Everyday Situations (MP3 Audio CD Included) by Richard Delacy

#2 Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Sonia Taneja

#3 Complete Hindi: Your Complete Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing by Rupert Snell

#4 Beginning Hindi: A Complete Course (Hindi Edition) by Joshua H. Pien

#5 Hindi for Beginners: A Guide to Conversational Hindi (Audio Disc Included) by Sunita Narain Mathur

#6 Hindi: The Complete Guide To Learning Common Phrases And Start Speaking Hindi Fast! (India, Hindi Language, Hindi For Beginners) by Keegan Wade

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