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In the united states, English is the most widely spoken language. Here Best American Accent Online Courses , This is the correct platform to learn this course. American English includes many patterns of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, particularly spelling that are unified national wide. Around the world, it is distinct from other English dialects. To use words in different parts of speech and nouns are often used as verbs American English has always shown a marked tendency. In a complex phenomenon of “both convergence and divergence,” the regional sounds of present-day American English are reportedly engaged. Many American accent online courses are available from that our expert panel handpicked some courses which are listed below.

1.AMERICAN ACCENT: Accent Reduction Made Easy – Udemy

AMERICAN ACCENT: Accent Reduction Made Easy is an online course created by the instructor Gabriel Burrafato. Around the world, he performed starring roles on Broadway, International stages and Las Vegas. At the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, he studied voice, at the prestigious Shaw Festival of Canada he began his career as an apprentice actor. To get instant results, Learn from an AWARD WINNING BROADWAY CREDITED VOICE COACH. Through practice, we can develop a superb American accent. Communicating with other people speaking skills rely on. Speaking the American accent is not a simple task, mastering your skills spend some time and effort. In this 1k+ students are enrolled. This course contains 1.5 hours of on-demand video and 4 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • This course will help you to speak American English clearly and confidently, learn to have a deeper knowledge of the American rhythm. with clarity and intention to learn how to speak American English
  • For doing this course Basic comprehension of the English language is required, to improve your American English a commitment to your practice is required.
  • This course is mainly designed for the people who are struggling to communicate with an American Accent, and who wants to improve their communication skills
  • You would have gone through every possible combination of sounds by the end of the course. The course main goal is to make sure these improvements are retained so when you need them you can call upon them.
  • You will improve much more rapidly when you commit to the practice exercises, That will involve practicing on your end

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
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2.American English Pronunciation for Beginners – Udemy

American English Pronunciation for Beginners is an online course created by the instructor Loretta Huether. After moving to Germany 20 years ago she began teaching English as a second language. Using skype she has been coaching English online for 5  years now. to help people practice and improve their English she is really enthusiastic about using modern technology. This course will help you to speak English correctly and clearly. You will learn American English Accent Pronunciation Training and Practice. If you have been speaking English for a long time pronunciation is very difficult to correct. In this 4k+ students are enrolled. This course has 2 hours of on-demand video and 21 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • In standard American English with the correct pronunciation learn to speak sentences and words. To get the right sound to learn to use the muscles of the tongue, lips, and mouth
  • This course will help you to get the correct pronunciation of the sounds and difficult words such as “TH” “R” “L” “V” “W”
  • The course will help you to understand and how to use phonetic spelling, try to focus on the practice of skills learned in the lectures.
  • With Native American English through ear training learn to improve your listening skills, learn to Hear the difference between long vowels and short vowels.
  • With clearly and correctly learn to say the sounds of the alphabet, American dates, numbers, times correctly.
  • At home learn how to improve your English pronunciation, instructors will clearly guide you basic techniques which you need to pronounce English sounds correct.

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5
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3.American Accent Training for IT Professionals – Udemy

American Accent Training for IT Professionals is an online course created by the instructor Susan Ryan. To improve the way to speak American English she coaches hundreds of international professionals who contacted her. She teaches how to pronounce longer words clearly by using syllable stress and schwa, and teaches how to speak with friendly intonation. In American English, this course teaches Information Technology professionals how to communicate clearly and effectively. In the world of IT, Everyone knows that a clear American accent is important. if you want to improve your earnings, gain respect in the workplace and get access to new opportunities Clear communication is critical. In this 2k+ students are enrolled. This course has 3 hours on-demand video, 16 mins on-demand audio, 1 article, and 11 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • By using the correct syllable stress learn to pronounce 150 IT industry words and numbers clearly & correctly. 
  • To communicate with influence learn to use techniques used by great speakers including Vic Gundotra and Steve Jobs
  • This course will help you to speak with an engaging & friendly pace, to hundreds of related words learn to apply fundamental syllable stress and pronunciation rules.
  • Who wants to communicate clearly in American English this course is designed for IT professionals, developers, consultants, programmers, and enterprise architects.
  • You will learn rules & patterns for speech, pronounce 120+ IT vocabulary words clearly & correctly, pronounce IT industry sentences with a clear & engaging pace
  • You will be learning to say sentences and words which are relevant to the IT industry includes programmer, database, developer, algorithm, enterprise.

Ratings: 3.8 out of 5
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American accent has high demand in the market. The people who want to learn this course can handpick someone which are listed above. By doing this course you will get jobs such as American accent tele caller, American English writer/ editor, voice and accent trainer, etc. By doing this course you can easily speak in an American accent. The instructors will clear all your queries. If you think the above information is helpful please share it with your friends. 
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best American Accent Books:

#1 Mastering the American Accent by Lisa Mojsin M.A. M.A.
#2 American Accent Training: Grammar with Audio CDs by Ann Cook
#3 American Accent Training: With Downloadable Audio, 4th Edition
#4 Accent: American – The Complete Guide to Speaking the Standard American Accent by Patrick Muñoz
#5 The American Accent Guide, 3rd Edition, Comprehensive Training on The American Accent/book & CD 8.5 hours mp3 audio by Beverly A Lujan
#6 The American Accent Guide: A Comprehsive Course on the Sound Sytem of American English 2nd Edition by M.S. Beverly A. Lujan

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Best American Accent Online Courses

Best American Accent Online Courses

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