Best American Accent Online Courses, Training with Certification-2020 Updated

Here Best American Accent Online Courses

#1 American accent pronunciation rules from scratch

Master the American accent,standard American accent pronunciation,Speak English like an American,American phonetics

Hello and welcome dear students.This course is all about American accent rules of pronunciation,American phonetics,linking sounds and how to speak even faster.In short time,you will acquire the American accent rules and with practice you will be speaking English just as a native speaker.You will be learning types of intonation which will help you to speak English confidently and clearly so that anyone would understand your English.In section 2 of the course,you will be learning the following:How to feel the American accent,American accent vowel sounds,American accent consonants sounds,American accent phonetics chart and lots more.Enjoy being with us in this course.I’m glad to support you at all times.Ask questions and answers shall be given to you as soon as possible.I’m waiting you .

you will learn

  • Feel the vibration of American accent
  • Ah /ɑ/ sound as in Car
  • Ay sound /eɪ/ in American accent as in Play
  • Aaa sound /æ/ as in Cat – Full American accent course
  • Uh sound /ʌ/ as in Cut – Full American accent course
  • The difference in pronunciation of P (pen) and B (Bear)
  • C sounds like K ,S ,Q(KU) as in Cat,cinema , cute
  • D sound as in Dog
  • Lone E sound /i/ as in Feel – American accent
  • Short e sound /e/ as in tent -American accent
  • Long O sound /u/ as in Blue,too – American accent
  • Short O sound /oʊ/ as in long -American accent
  • aw sound /ɔ/ as in Storm,for – American accent
  • OW sound /aʊ/ as in Cow – American accent.
  • OI sound /ɔɪ/ as in Boy
  • The difference between /v/ Van , th/θ/ think sounds
  • F sound /f/ as in phone,funny
  • R sound /r/ as in Far

#2 American Accent Made Easy – Mastering the American Accent

Master the Standard American Accent quickly and with ease!


To give you a perfect Standard American accent that you can apply in all fields to improve your communication with others, make you clearly understood and allow you to pass as an American as opposed to a foreign speaker.


My philosophy with teaching the American Accent is to remove all the useless and redundant exercises taught by many accent coaches and teach you only what you actually need to know!

Accent work shouldn’t be intellectual, so I come from a philosophy of teaching you a set of drills and technical knowledge that will get the accent out of your head and allow you to speak naturally and effortlessly without needing to think about it. When using your accent, you should be focusing on what you’re saying in your speech, or presentation, or meeting, or audition, NOT how you’re sounding.

This course will give you the tools to finally be confident with your American accent so you can focus on the tasks at hand and not worrying about how you sound.


This course is for anyone who wants to perfect an American accent, regardless of your field of work. The teachings apply to everyone from those who work in IT and business, to those who need the accent for presentations, meetings, phone conversations, to actors, hosts and voice over artists.


You will a set of full-proof Drills to hone and harness your Accent for everyday use. You will also learn a series of Technical aspects that will elevate your accent and make you indistinguishable from a natural American speaker. We will also cover Advanced Technique to ensure your accent holds perfect in any situation.

#3 American English Accent &Pronunciation Unlock Your Potential

Unique, Fun, Movie based course. Reach your goals! Gain confidence! Learn to Speak like an American with Accent Training

Learn the American Accent and reach your personal and professional goals! Imagine yourself with the job you’ve always wanted, a promotion, traveling, speaking with confidence and attracting people. It could happen sooner than you think!

I truly believe that if you found this American English Accent training course, you understand a profound truth: That your education, skills, and talents no matter how impressive, can be limited by the way you speak English. Whether it’s a promotion at work, being more confident, getting that dream job, travel, or developing relationships and making new friends, it’s even more attainable when your level of English and accent is similar to those we work with, and those we want to befriend.

This course will be much different than simply watching a movie or television show, as I’m sure you’re already doing. It’s not passive, but active learning of the principles of the American Accent. With each line from the movie, I will take you by the hand, and point out the principles of accent and pronunciation behind it. Why did the actor say it that way he did? We will unlock the secrets together, letter by letter, line by line.

When I was learning Tagalog (Filipino) and Spanish, having a native of those languages explain some things to me saved me tons of time, and embarrassment. Since I learned it in context, in its natural setting, it became an experience, which makes a strong impression on the memory. That propelled my language learning advancement. Those experiences are the secret to getting the Accent down correctly. With this American Accent course, you will get all those experiences and focused lessons on a regular on demand basis through nearly 50 different lectures!

The course, though engaging and fun, is for those willing to work hard daily, make progress, to obtain the American Accent. My course is especially designed for English speakers (intermediate to advanced) who wish to take their English to the next level, and obtain all the personal and professional rewards that come with speaking like a native.

#4 American Accent Training for IT Professionals

This course teaches Information Technology professionals how to communicate clearly and effectively in American English.

What you will learn in your American Accent for IT Professionals course

This course is designed for IT professionals who want to communicate clearly in American English.

  • developers
  • programmers
  • enterprise architects
  • consultants

The course vocabulary is customized for the IT workplace.

Relevant vocabulary

In the course I’ve recorded the lessons that have worked most effectively with the IT professionals I’ve worked with in my coaching program.

  • You’ll learn to pronounce 120+ IT vocabulary words clearly & correctly
  • You’ll learn to pronounce IT industry sentences with a clear & engaging pace
  • You’ll learn rules & patterns for speech that’s easy for Americans to understand

Immediate application

Since you’ll be learning to say words and sentences that are relevant to the IT industry including:

  • developer
  • programmer
  • enterprise
  • database
  • algorithm

This means that you’ll be able to practice and apply the rules you’ll learn in this course right away.


Lessons are delivered using video, PDF and audio files. I’m continually making updates to the course. I’ll notify you when new lessons are posted.

Video case studies

The video case studies that you’ll use in this course are powerful way for you to learn exactly how IT industry leaders including:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Vic Gundotra

Video case studies are downloadable lessons.

Course timeline

Accent change takes time and LOTS of repetition. I recommend that you take each lesson at least three times. MORE is even better!

#5 American English for Success in Business

A comprehensive American Accent course to help you master American English.

Are you ready to master your spoken English and advance your career?

Sound American is designed for professionals and students who are serious about speaking English with accuracy, clarity and confidence.

After taking this comprehensive course, you will know how to produce all of the sounds of American English, pronounce work-related vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, use accurate pronunciation grammar, and speak with an American intonation.

You will have the confidence to speak up in meetings, present your good ideas, influence your coworkers, win over your customers, and fully participate in conversations with your American friends and colleagues.

you will learn

  • Over six hours of video instruction and demonstrations with master teacher Jolinda Osborne
  • Lessons that show you how to pronounce each of the 43 sounds of American English
  • Drawings to illustrate the correct mouth position for each sound
  • Troubleshooting instruction to fix common pronunciation mistakes
  • Practice exercises to fine-tune your pronunciation of commonly used words at work
  • Sentences, idiomatic phrases and dialogues to master American intonation and rhythm
  • Pronunciation rules to ensure that your speech is grammatically correct
  • “Speak like an American” tips so that your speech is fluid and natural
  • Downloadable PDF booklets of all lessons: Over 200 pages of instructional material for many more hours of practice
  • -International Phonetic Alphabet provides a methodology for accurate listening and pronunciation
  • The course is optimized for tablets, smart phones and computers. Study anywhere. Anytime!
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best American Accent Books:

#1 Mastering the American Accent by Lisa Mojsin M.A. M.A.

#2 American Accent Training: Grammar with Audio CDs by Ann Cook

#3 American Accent Training: With Downloadable Audio, 4th Edition

#4 Accent: American – The Complete Guide to Speaking the Standard American Accent by Patrick Muñoz

#5 The American Accent Guide, 3rd Edition, Comprehensive Training on The American Accent/book & CD 8.5 hours mp3 audio by Beverly A Lujan

#6 The American Accent Guide: A Comprehsive Course on the Sound Sytem of American English 2nd Edition by M.S. Beverly A. Lujan

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