Best Express js Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Express js Online Courses

#1 Learning Express JS : Creating Future Web Apps & REST APIs

Futuristic Web Apps are service driven. A single web service will be used as a backend of web application as well as a REST API for mobile devices and other clients. ExpressJS is widely used Node.JS based Framework to create server side Web Applications and API. Using the Inherent callback nature of node engine, it becomes a very intuitive and rapid way to develop routes and their handers for given web application. Express.JS is a MVC based Web application which allows us to plug and play different view engines so that we can render our web pages effectively along with the model data.
What will be covered in this Course?
We will touch base on following topics in this course:

  1. Introduction and Getting Started
  2. Express Fundamentals
  3. Routing
  4. Middleware
  5. Simple Web Application
  6. Database Integration ( with DBMS and NoSql)
  7. REST APIs
  8. JWT
  9. Error Handling and Debugging
  10. Advanced Topics

#2 Mastering Express Web Application Development

Express is a fantastic JavaScript framework, but most people only scratch the surface. With just a few changes, Express can adapt to your work strategy, rather than things being the other way around. Express is perfect for developing APIs with performance in mind, and as it’s a thin layer on top of standard web technologies it allows you to add any additional technology you want!
Mastering Express Web Application Development will introduce the tools and libraries you need to take your Express development career to the next level. By learning how to use tools to make your life easier, you can do more in less time.
To start, we’ll create a new Express application, learn how to configure it and increase application visibility by using logs. We will explore Express itself, along with various libraries that will help improve your development experience. We’ll be building on the previous section’s work each time. As we move on we’ll take a look at technologies such as SSL and Nginx, and work through deploying your application to production in a secure and scalable way. Furthermore, we will study various existing Express projects that are open source, and a review of how they are structured to help you to organize your own applications in a systematic way.
By the end of the course, you will be an expert in using a wide range of new tools and libraries which will help you deliver the best value to your customers.

#3 Just Express (with a bunch of node and http). In detail.

You have some notion of what Node, Express, and http are or you wouldn’t be here. Node and back-end JavaScript have taken the world by storm, [SOME BIG COMPANY] moved to node and it changed the world, blah blah blah. One of the first things you’re going to learn in any node course is about the Express module. But how much do you really learn about it? How to render a page in one template engine? How to make a get and a post route? Most MEAN and MERN stacks students I’ve met learned Express in a few breaths and then moved on to MongoDB, MySQL, Angular, React, or whatever was in the rest of the tech stack. What is http anyway? Should I even care? It’s easy to get 2 inches deep and find you’ve accomplished your task, but in fact have no idea why it works or how you’d go further. That, in my opinion, is no good for someone who wants to be a great developer.
I’ve had a lot of students ask for a course on just Express because they were either overwhelmed when they learned it, or they can’t find any detail on it to go further than beginner knowledge. That’s what this course is for. We will go through the various pieces of Express in detail so you can know why it behaves the way it does and get the most out of it. Express 5 is currently in alpha, so when it hits beta or full release, and as questions come up, the course will expand accordingly!
I’ve been using Express since V.2, in 2012 and have seen it do just about everything. It is one of my favorite node modules and consistently one of the most downloaded on npm. There are other awesome technologies that patch into Express that get easily missed. This course will naturally lead into other things like websockets, webRTC, etc. Prepare for one of the most awesome node modules on npm!

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Express js Books:

#1 Pro Express.js: Master Express.js: The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development 1st ed. by Azat Mardan
#2 Express in Action: Writing, building, and testing Node.js applications 1st Edition by Evan Hahn
#3 Express.js: Web App Development with Node.js Framework by Ralph Archer
#4 Express.js Deep API Reference 1st ed. by Express.js Deep API Reference 1st ed by Azat Mardan .
#5 Express.js: Master Express.js and Learn How to Develop Your Web Application (From Zero to Professional) (Volume 4) by Daniel Perkins
#6 Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack 1st Edition
by Ethan Brown

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