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Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here Best Dutch Language Online Courses , This is the correct platform to learn this course. It is spoken by 24 million people as a first language and 5 million people as a second language. It is a west germanic language. After English and german dutch language is the third-most-widely spoken language. For native English speakers dutch is the easiest forien language to learn. The longest Dutch word in the dictionary is 35 letters long, Dutch loves consonants, Dutch is a regulated language, The most important word in Dutch might just be “gezellig”. Within the language family, dutch categorized as a Germanic language. The pronunciation of the Dutch language is difficult. For world travelers, dutch language is very useful. Many dutch language online courses are available from that our expert panel handpicked some courses which are listed below.

1.Learn Dutch :The Fast, Easy & Fun Speaking Dutch Method 6hrs – Udemy

Learn Dutch: The Fast, Easy & Fun Speaking Dutch Method 6hrs is an online course created by the instructors Dutch Language Institute and Dignis Smits. In the Dutch language institute, the instructor is a Ramon Janssen. He is a native dutch speaker and he teaches Dutch and English at universities and language centers. Mr. Smits is a native Dutch speaker, he is mastered in 6 languages. With the Unique Learning Dutch Method +6,5 hrs, you will fully Master the Essentials of Dutch Speaking. As a beginner Listen to as much Dutch as possible, Enroll in a Dutch course or hire a Dutch tutor, Speak Dutch with Dutch-speaking people, Travel to a Dutch-speaking country and immerse yourself, Keep an open mind. In this 1k+ students are enrolled. This course contains 6.5 hours of on-demand video and 44 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • By using common Dutch language phrases from daily life learn to hold simple conversations
  • About personal details in the Dutch course will help you to introduce yourself and others and learn to answer a wide range of questions.
  • This course will help you to speak in dutch about routine tasks which require simple and direct exchange of information.
  • With ease and confidence try to handle the basic structures of Dutch Grammar, due to constant repetition and imitation of native speaker learn to speak Dutch with good pronunciation
  • This course is designed for the people who want to learn Dutch from scratch in a simple and painless manner. After completion of this course using common Dutch phrases from daily life be able to hold simple conversations

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
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2.Learn Dutch… in Dutch 1: start to read, speak and write – Udemy

Learn Dutch… in Dutch 1: start to read, speak and write is an online course created by the instructor Alain de Raymond. He always busies learning new languages and taught some languages via tutoring. He had 3 degrees in Journalism, Management and EU Studies. In this course learn step by step dutch words, try to translate in dutch, learn to speak Dutch, and the Flemish pronunciation. Flemish language is spoken by approximately 6.5 million people in Belgium, in France, there are several thousand Flemish speakers. In Standard, Dutch-Flemish has many loanwords from English and french which are not found. In this 2k+ students are enrolled. This course contains 2 hours of on-demand video, having 20 articles and 38 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • This course will help you to understand basic sentences in Dutch, Talk about languages, Saying hi, Fill in a form, Order a drink, Talk about transportation, Dutch verbs in the present
  • You will learn how to present yourself, Say your nationality, Dutch numbers until 20, Order a taxi, How to say time, Locations: in front of, behind, Use verbs like to be able to and to want
  • This course is designed completely for beginners, you will learn basic dutch, for the starting language learner learn how to speak Dutch and basic grammar. To repeat the words wherever you like Every lesson has audio files.
  • In this course, you will learn how to form phrases, Dutch vocabulary like drinks, Dutch verbs, words for transport, questions, and many more subjects. 

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5
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3.Master Dutch Fast – Udemy

Master Dutch Fast is an online course created by the instructor Some Dutch Dude. He made two courses one to feel better and one to learn dutch. In this beginners course learn how to give the pronunciation of the letters and explaining all the rules. When you started mastering a dutch language Be Upfront about Your Level of Dutch, Don’t Be Afraid to Make mistakes, Don’t Go too Hard too Fast, Absorb all Day Long, starting basic conversations and picking up on people talking, Have a better overall pronunciation and can impress Dutch speakers. if you learn the language of your host culture experience shows that you will feel far more acclimated. In this 502  students are enrolled. This course contains 1.5 hours of on-demand video and 2 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • This course will help you to learn how to impress dutch speakers and learn to have a better pronunciation
  • This course will guide you to learn the most important language aspects and learn from Beginning at level 0
  • Over 50 lectures you will have 1.5 hours lecture, and the course will provide you enough knowledge. Learn to start basic conversations and picking up on people talking.
  • Be able to read more text and learn to improve vocabulary. In this course, each and every lecture contains a 10 word/sentences test
  • In dutch when people talk to be able to recognize meanings and words, to hold conversations you will have better understanding and capability. With common dutch words, the course will give examples in every lecture.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
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The Dutch language has high demand in the market. The people who want to learn this course can handpick someone which are listed above. By doing this course you will get jobs such as 
Dutch language expert, dutch online trainer, dutch language translator, etc. by doing this course you can easily speak the dutch language. The instructors will clear all your queries. If you think the above information is useful please share it with your friends. 
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Dutch Books:

#1 Conversational Dutch Quick and Easy: The Most Innovative Technique to Learn the Dutch Language, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Holland by Yatir Nitzany
#2 Dutch For Dummies by Margreet Kwakernaak
#3 Dutch for Beginners: The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak Dutch! By Getaway Guides
#4 Dutch Made Nice & Easy (Language Learning) by Editors of REA
#5 First Dutch Reader For beginners: Bilingual for speakers of English (Graded Dutch Readers, Volume 1) (Dutch Edition) by Aart Rembrandt
#6 Basic Dutch: A Grammar and Workbook (Grammar Workbooks) by Jenneke Oosterhoff

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Best Dutch Language Online Courses

Best Dutch Language Online Courses

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