Best Business Intelligence Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Business Intelligence Online Courses

#1 The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2018

Our program is different than the rest of the materials available online.
It is truly comprehensive. The Business Intelligence Analyst Course comprises of several modules:

  • Introduction to Data and Data Science
  • Statistics and Excel
  • Database theory
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • SQL + Tableau

These are the precise technical skills recruiters are looking for when hiring BI Analysts. And today, you have the chance of acquiring an invaluable advantage to get ahead of other candidates. This course will be the secret to your success. And your success is our success, so let’s make it happen!
Here’s some more detail of what you get with The Business Intelligence Analyst Course:

  • Introduction to Data and Data Science – Make sense of terms like business intelligence, traditional and big data, traditional statistical methods, machine learning, predictive analytics, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and many more;
  • Statistics and Excel – Understand statistical testing and build a solid foundation. Modern software packages and programming languages are automating most of these activities, but this part of the course gives you something more valuable – critical thinking abilities;
  • Database theory – Before you start using SQL, it is highly beneficial to learn about the underlying database theory and acquire an understanding of why databases are created and how they can help us manage data
  • SQL – when you can work with SQL, it means you don’t have to rely on others sending you data and executing queries for you. You can do that on your own. This allows you to be independent and dig deeper into the data to obtain the answers to questions that might improve the way your company does its business
  • Tableau – one of the most powerful and intuitive data visualization tools available out there. Almost all large companies use such tools to enhance their BI capabilities. Tableau is the #1 best-in-class solution that helps you create powerful charts and dashboards
  • Learning a programming language is meaningless without putting it to use. That’s why we integrate SQL and Tableau, and perform several real-life Business Intelligence tasks

#2 The Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence; the term is bandied about so frequently today that it might seem like everyone except you already understands it. The truth is that like its partner “Big Data”, business intelligence is actually not well understood at all. Most people who talk about business intelligence have at best a general notion of what it means and almost no experience with actually using BI in a meaningful way. However, BI is an important new tool for modern business. Advances in computing power can now give businesses ways to analyze data that they never could before. With these advances, firms can make decisions about pricing, marketing, new products, and resource allocation more effectively than they have ever been able to in the past. Major corporations like Kroger are starting to use BI to help determine what products they should advertise to specific customers. General Electric is using BI to more efficiently run its industrial maintenance schedules. Citi is using BI to help proactively figure out the maximum interest rates various customers are willing to pay. BI is useful in all of these settings and a lot more.
In this short course, you will learn the basics of what is business intelligence is, why it’s useful, and how it can help with your business. This course will also prepare you for future hands on courses that will go through the steps of a business intelligence project in greater depth.

#3 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for Managers

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for Managers prepares you for the many data warehousing projects that are underway or scheduled to begin in both federal and private organizations. It’s also an entryway into Big Data. If you’ve heard of data warehousing but never knew what it meant, this is the course for you. Have you always wanted to know what kind of eneterprise software is made by Oracle, SAP, Informatica, Tableau, SAS, and even Microsoft? The answer is Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence software, two categories of software that can even include one thing you probably have on your latptop right now: Microsoft Excel.
The course is geared towards managers, but is also effective for non-techies who want to understand one of the largest approaches to managing operations that organizations undertake, and that affects your life and your interaction with technology every day. The course is a series of video presentations, but also includes quizzes, a final project, PDF downloads, and a dive into two pieces of important software that will help familiarize you with data warehousing. This course is quick to complete, giving you an overview of what you need most without going too deep for Data Warehousing novices. If you want a solid introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, sign up for this course today!

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Business Intelligence Books:

#1 Business Intelligence For Dummies by Swain Scheps
#2 Successful Business Intelligence 2nd Edition 2nd Edition by C. Howson
#3 Business Intelligence Guidebook: From Data Integration to Analytics 1st Edition by Rick Sherman  
#4 Business Intelligence: A Managerial Perspective on Analytics (3rd Edition) by Ramesh Sharda & Dursun Delen & Efraim Turban
#5 Business Intelligence: Practices, Technologies, and Management 1st Edition by Rajiv Sabherwal & Irma Becerra-Fernandez
#6 The Definitive Guide to DAX: Business intelligence with Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Power BI (Business Skills) 1st Edition by Alberto Ferrari & Marco Russo  

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