Best Ajax Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Ajax Online Courses

#1 AJAX Development

You’ve learned a little Javascript,  but you still look at websites with slick, smooth and elegant user interfaces and want to know how web developers create that. The answer is simple: Ajax.  You’ve probably heard of it, but you’ve always wondered “What is Ajax”? Ajax is simply Asynchronous Javascript and XML. By taking our Ajax course, you can make pages on your web application respond quickly, and with a minimum of screen refreshes.
With our Ajax course and a little Javascript knowledge you can use Ajax to take database information and store, alter, sort and conditionally format it all on the client side.  This minimizes the load on your server and makes your applications respond quickly and without reloading the HTML page.  Ajax communicates with the server behind the scenes while your user continues to use your web site, accessing the information they want. Our course will show you numerous Ajax examples and help you become proficient in using Ajax.
In our Ajax course, master trainer Mark Lassoff takes you through the basics of Ajax right to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services.  Our Ajax course is recommended for all web developers who want to improve their client side skills, and make professional, fast and responsive web applications.

#2 AJAX : Let’s build a COOL project

Hands on project
On this course we will create a real AJAX application that will give you the skills you need to start implementing AJAX to your projects or start you on your web development journey.
AJAX is all around us, just type something in the UDEMY search bar and you will automatically see words appear in the input; that’s AJAX in action.
Do you need AJAX? I think the question should be, do you want your applications or websites to be awesome? Or course we do, right? YES.
I don’t like to show off, but my students love me, and I love them, here are some of the reviews I get.
The Best Teacher ever
Edwin Diaz i am a newbie and now i am writing php syntax 😀 awesome and your lectures and jokes are awesome. They help me to motivate and learn by doing :).
Groovy Goodness
If code is boring you to death or you wonder just what the buzz about Bootstrap, then hold on and take a ride with Edwin in this fun and very informative class. Clear, professional quality. I dare you not to smile after taking this class.

#3 Complete AJAX Course: Learn AJAX Techniques Using Bootstrap

In This Course You Will Learn All About AJAX! which is “the method of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page – without reloading the entire page.” -Wikipedia
You Will Also Learn How:

  • We can use Ajax with many HTML Events like onclick, onmouseout and many more!
  • We can run Ajax without any click at the time of body load.
  • We can run Ajax without any click by giving an specific time to reload.
  • We don’t need to refresh the page from PHP or any other server side programming language using Ajax
  • So Much More!
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Ajax Books:

#1 Head First Ajax: A Brain-Friendly Guide 1st Edition by Rebecca M. Riordan
#2 Ajax: The Definitive Guide: Interactive Applications for the Web 1st Edition by Anthony T. Holdener III
#3 Ajax: The Complete Reference 1st Edition by Thomas A. Powell
#4 Ajax for Web Application Developers 1st Edition by Kris Hadlock
#5 Ajax Programming for the Absolute Beginner 1st Edition by Jr Jerry Lee Ford
#6 Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications 1st Edition
by Joshua Eichorn

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