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We know everyone of us desires to invest their money in stock market but due to lack of knowledge on bull, bear, stag etc markets some of the invests leads to downtrend. These courses with all the necessary steps and live examples helps you alot in trading and makes you the best Stock market trader. The instructors of these courses are well experienced in Stock market trading and trains you for the better trading and makes you the perfect investor. These courses along with the basics of stock market carries some more important topics like  technical analysis, fundamental analysis along with its principles and about ratios. You can easily choose these courses because our experts of panel handpicked these courses as the best courses. So, we kindly recommend you to have these Best Stock Market Online Courses for becoming the perfect investor.

#1 Financial Markets by Yale University- Coursera

This online course will help you to gain knowledge about financial markets. The Financial Markets online course was created by Robert Shiller. He is a Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. You will know how to become a successful investor and stock trader. You will understand the risk management, finance principles like insurance, forecasting, pricing, inflation, real world functioning security. You will learn about short selling strategies, trading, investing, and forex trade etc.
Key points:

  • They will discuss the different concepts like gambling, trading,investing, and different stock categories like growth stocks, value stock, income stock, large, small, and mid stocks. You will also learn how the different stocks organised with industries.
  • From this course you will understand the risks in stock market. You will understand how to manage risks financial market, and you will know different types of risks, how to analyze risk concepts such as fund volatility, beta to evaluating the stock and standard deviation.
  • You will learn how to invest for individual stocks, stock mutual funds, exchange traded funds and mutual fund expenses. They will discuss about investing stock concepts like technical chart analysis, growth at respossible price, dividend income stocks etc.
  • You will come to know how to evaluate stock ratios topics like price earnings, price to sales, dividend yield and payout, return on assets, profit margin, return on equity, interest coverage, technical analysis concepts, line charts and so on.
  • You will learn about corporation and nonprofits, democratization in finance, population growth and finance, wealth, poverty and financial theory importance and so on.

Rating: 4.8 Out of 5         
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#2 Investing In Stocks The Complete Course! (11 Hour) – Udemy

To gain the knowledge on the techniques of how to invest in Stock market then you must become a master in stock marketing this course will help you with the instructor Steve ballinger who is a millionaire investor in stock and his teaching satisfied 166k+ students. This course will also help you in investing in mutual funds, ETF etc. This course is embraced with 11 hours on demand videos, two downloadable resources full lifetime access and  this course also provides a course completion certificate after completion of the course. In this course nearly 45k+ students were enrolled.
Key points:

  • This course content contains all the key concepts of stock like what actually the Stock is? And where do the stock fit in a diversified portfolio? and sample portfolio allocation based on return and historical risk.
  • The instructor of this course explains you clearly on how the stocks are categorised and also how it helps the investors like how Growth stocks, value stocks, investor stocks etc are helpful for the investors.
  • This course helps you in understanding the risks of the stock market and the risk types and also topics of the risk analysis are explained in this course.
  • Stock marketing investing strategies, evaluation of stock ratios and stocks and also the technical analysis  along with the fundamentals of the investing are being taught by the instructor of this course.
  • In this course the instructor uses the core concepts and chart like line charts, candlestick charts and chart patterns like triangles, rectangles and flags and also the trend lines and channels in explaining the complex topics.

Ratings : 4.4 out of 5
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#3 Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners – Udemy

For everyone who are aiming to become the Stock trader and investor then this course with the 4 in 1 course bundle helps you to learn technical and financial analysis helps you. In this course Graham’s number, gaps trading and the tips for money management are also taught along with the stocks and stock market basics. This course is embraced with the 10.5 hours on demand video, 7 articles, full lifetime access and this course also provides you the course completion certificate after completion of the course. This course was created by Indian insight which was a stock advisory and education firm and instructed by the Yash Utmani. In this course nearly 2k+ candidates are enrolled.
Key points:

  • In this course you will be explained with the basics of stock market and stocks, financial intermediaries, stock index and stock exchange and the financial ratio analysis.
  • Benjamin graham’s value investing strategy, Benjamin graham’s quantitative criteria and recommendations on stock market are being taught by the instructor of this course.
  • Your queries on stock marketing, technical indicators and basic option strategy and trend lines and channels are explained in this course with some live examples and videos.
  • The instructor of this course helps you in gaining the knowledge on characteristics of the Trading pattern and Trade setup DNA and Trade Setup application to Dollar index and to emerging market index.
  • The course curriculum contains the information on candlestick patterns, gap formations, trend lines and trend channels and also the technical indicators and what is the bid price and offer price and stop loss order combinations.

Ratings : 4.5 out of 5
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#4 Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners – Udemy

For all the beginners of the stock market investors this course is the perfect guide for you and helps you to get started into the stock market and invest wisely. This complete course was created by the Jatin taneja who possess almost 6 years of experience in the stock market investment. This course embraced with 6.5 hours on demand video, 1 article, 50 downloadable resources and full lifetime access. In this course nearly 4 k+ are enrolled and this course also provides you the course completion certificate after completion of the course.
Key points:

  • This course curriculum teaches you on how to evaluate stock and what is Debit instrument, derivative , assets, liabilities, mutual funds and Equity share.
  • By the end of the course you will gain complete knowledge on Index and methodology of indexes and shares and its types , what exactly the stock exchange and how they do money.
  • Financial intermediaries like brokers, types of brokers, brokerage house and demat and trading and different financial market regulators and goals of financial regulation are being taught in  this course
  • In this course online trading topics like Bid and Ask price and different types of Orders in two parts and all the basics of online trading software are being learnt by the end of this course.
  • You will also gain knowledge on evaluation of stocks and what are the fundamental and technical analysis and its fundamentals and also you will know about  what is value investing, growth investing and how to find value stock and growth stock and the way of using Google Finance screener to find growth and value stock.

Ratings : 4 out of 5
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#5 Bear Trading for Profit: Profit From Stock Market Crashes – Udemy

To protect your investment and profits from downtrends you have to acquire knowledge on Stock market crashes with inverse ETFs and short sell trading and this course helps you in gaining the essential knowledge on Bear trading. This course is created by the Luca moschini who is stock, forex and also a community trader. This course is embraced with 2 hours on demand video, 3 articles, 9 downloadable resources and full lifetime access. This course also provides you the course completion certificate after completion of the course. 6k+ are enrolled for this course.
Key points:

  • In this course the introduction includes the topics of how the bearish market works and what happens when the market bearish and difference between bear and bull market
  • The instructor Luca of this course teaches you about market analysis and market indices analysis and how these indices reflect the general state of the market and also the US market indices
  • What are the timings to the Downtrends of the market indices and volatility and historical volatility and also the use of VIX and other indicators to the time downtrend are being learnt by you in this course
  • This course contains helps you in understanding the Inverse ETFs and its lists and also the candlestick analysis in which the topics  like dark cloud, bearish engulfing and profitable candlestick trading methods are also being learnt in this course .
  • The course curriculum helps you in understanding the implied volatility and historical volatility and also helps you in learning the short sells for profits during the bearish markets and reversal markets and you will also know the exact time to exit with the great accuracy.

Ratings : 4.4 out of 5
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We hope you are satisfied with our article and we provided the required information to you and we are suggesting you to choose any of these courses because, you know all information of the stock market. it is not very easy to find when the downtrend occurs. but, by taking training on stock market through these courses you can gain the complete knowledge about the stock market trading through many live examples, demo classes and videos.If you like this article then we are requested to share this article with your friends and colleagues through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc… .for any queries and doubts please do comment in the comment box.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Stock Market Books:

#1 How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology by Andrew Aziz
#2 How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition by William J. O’Neil
#3 Stock Investing For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) by Paul Mladjenovic
#4 Stock Market Investing For Beginners: 25 Golden Investing Lessons + Proven Strategies by Mark Atwood
#5 Stock Market 101: From Bull and Bear Markets to Dividends, Shares, and Margins―Your Essential Guide to the Stock Market (Adams 101) by Michele Cagan CPA
#6 Stock Market Investing For Beginners: The Best Book on Stock Investments To Help You Make Money In Less Than 1 Hour a Day (stock trading) by Victor Lucas

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Best Stock Market Online Courses

Best Stock Market Online Courses

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