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SEO means search engines optimization. It is for optimizing the websites and provides services for the users. People who are searching for the best seo online courses then this right place to do the course. From this seo courses students will understand the concepts like Fundamentals of seo,  strategies and tools of the search engine optimization, how to optimize the content in websites, advanced social statics and content to optimize the seo, theory of google search, Advanced SEO strategies, how to optimize the videos, content, product description, images, gif and articles, utilization of modern technologies for finding the speed of the websites, advanced web analytics and content marketing, seo importance, tools for the keyword research, customization of google search results, demystifying backlinks seo and so on. Now a days there are number of seo online courses in the world, from them our panel experts has picked some best seo online courses for you which are listed below.        

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization – Coursera

University of California, Davis offered this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization and created by the instructors Rebekah May and she is a SEO Manager, Eric Enge and he is a Co-Author of “The Art of SEO” and Dave Lloyd who is a Senior Manager and Global Search Marketing. And in this specialisation you will gain knowledge on SEO and you will become an SEO expert and also you will master the search engine optimization tools and strategies and In this specialisation nearly 21k+ students are enrolled. This specialisation provides a hands on project and after the completion of every course a course completion certificate is provided. This specialisation is included with the Self-Paced Learning Option, Course Videos, Graded Assignments.
Key points:

  • By taking the 1st course of this specialisation you will know about all the fundamentals elements of the how the search engine optimisation works and also you will be discussed with the strategies of the SEO.
  • In the 2nd course you will learn about the key elements for creating the seo strategy more effectively along with the keyword research performance and also the consumer psychology and research behaviour.
  • In the 3rd course you will learn how to optimise a site for the local research, how to incorporate the keyword research in the strategy of the content marketing and also how to communicate for the seo improvements.
  • The 4th course teaches you about the role of Leverage content marketing and social media and in the 5th course you will gain the knowledge on the mobile, technical and social strategies. And also you will learn how to identify the key metrics .
  • The 6th course helps you in learning the different elements that are comprising a website optimisation client report and also you will be able to discover many valuable tips for making a plan and managing the relationship with the client.

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5
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#2 SEO BOOTCAMP: Learn SEO From Start! – Udemy

The seo bootcamp online course is offered by Glitchy Bot Learn. You will understand that how to rank the websites on the search engine and know how the search engine works. Students will learn that how to optimize the websites for the user and websites and learn about the backlinks and types of links. You people will learn how to optimize the videos, content, product description, images, gif and articles. Instructor explain how to optimize the websites for spiders and crawlers. This seo bootcamp course includes three articles, one hour demanded videos and assignments. You will learn that how to utilize the social media to get the backlinks and know how to utilize the modern technologies to find the speed of the websites.
Key points:

  • Firstly students will understand about the seo and working principle of seo. You will learn the topics such as how the search engines will work, how to get the website crawled properly, science of the keyword research etc.
  • You people are able to learn the topics like keywords, different types of keywords, keyword research, cpc, tools for the keyword research, optimization of content and websites, url structure, structure of domain etc.
  • Students will learn the concepts such as page titles, meta description, images, bold text, headings, link building, nofollow links and do follow links, various types of backlinks, campaign of link building backlinks on the social sites and so on.
  • Instructor discuss about optimization of speed, how to find the websites issues and current speed, good hosting importance, CDN, optimization process of images, how to utilize the tracking plugins and themes etc.

Rating: 4.4 Out of 5    
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#3 SEO : Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites – Udemy

People who wants to create seo wordpress websites then you people must take this complete SEO training online course which is created by Arun Nagarathanam. Students will learn that how the seo factors affects the websites ranking on the google. Instructor will explain all the 13 technical factors of seo and also discuss that how to utilize the free seo tools. You will understand about the expired techniques of seo that which will hurt the website. Learn how to minify the visitors of website bounce rates and know how to improve the spent time on the websites. Here instructor was providing assignments, eight downloadable video resources, 19 articles and 8.5 hours on demanded videos.
Key points:

  • From the keywords research in the seo section students will understand the topics like how the long tail keywords bring the better conversations, how the new website outrank is established, competitor researches, find the related keywords and seo terms etc.
  • From the technical factors section you will learn the concepts like need of technical factor matter in the seo, impact of meta description and headings, keywords in the domain names, https, visibility of domain seo etc.
  • Students will understand the concepts like page speed seo tools introduction, how to avoid the slow hosting providers, CDN, page speed optimization, css, js and html optimization, installation and configuration of the page speed optimization plugin etc.
  • You are able to learn the topics like creation of sitemap for the website, adding the websites to the google search console, add the sitemap and websites to bing and yandex, how many internal links are added to the post, videos integration etc.
  • Instructor explains the concepts such as protecting against negative seo, demystifying backlinks seo and so on.

Rating: 4.3 Out of 5
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#4 Complete SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent! – Udemy

The complete SEO training online course was offered by Peter Kent. here more than 24k pupils are doing this SEO course. Students will understand that how to rank the websites in the major search engines by utilizing the SEO. here instructor was providing 45 articles, eight hours demanded videos and 0ne downloadable video resources with full time support. You people will learn the that how to pick the keywords for the SEO and know how to prepare the site. Students will understand the content role in the SEO. instructor will explain that how to optimize the pages like formatting body text, images, meta tags etc. you will know the importance of the links of SEO and you can also find great the links to the site.
Key points:

  • Students will understand the concepts such as how to pick the powerful keywords, channel to the prospect, google adwords keywords planner, how to use the keyword analysis tools, how to choose the viable domain names and right host etc.
  • You people will learn the topics like how to choose the right development tools, know how to avoid the things that are hurting the SEO, needs of mobile ready site and TLS, search results, needs of high quality contents, sources of content etc.
  • Instructor will explain the topics like user generated content, duplicate content, urls, title tags, description tag, heading tags, images, body text, html sitemaps, how to structure the data to the pages, how to use the markup tools, customization of google search results etc.
  • Students will come to know the concepts like how to submit the urls pages, create the xml sites, submit the urls through the webmasters accounts, differences between the search dictionaries and engines, working with the webmaster accounts etc.

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5    
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This seo course is easy to learn and it is very popular in the world. Here instructors are defining all the required information of this seo. If anybody interested to learn this seo course then choose any course from the above mentioned courses. By doing this seo courses students will get the job opportunities like seo analyst, seo specialist, seo executive, search engine optimization manager, seo developer, seo strategist, seo technician, account manager, seo director and more. here instructors will compulsory clear out your doubts and queries f this seo article. By adding this seo course certificate to your resumes your job career will improved. If you are gratified with this seo article then share it with your folks, coworkers through twitter, hike, linkedIn, instagram, facebook etc.   
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best SEO Books:

#1 SEO Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke
#2 SEO  (No-Bullsh*t) Strategy: The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step SEO Book: (Easy to Understand) Search Engine Optimization Guide to Execute SEO Successfully (No-BS SEO Strategy Guides) by Casey Leigh Henry
#3 SEO Fitness Workbook: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization (new Edition) by Jason McDonald Ph.D.
#4 SEO For Dummies by Peter Kent
#5 The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization by Eric Enge
#6 SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs by John Jantsch

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Best SEO Online Courses

Best SEO Online Courses

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