Best SAS Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best SAS Online Courses

#1 Complete & Practical SAS, Statistics & Data Analysis Course

• If you need a complete and comprehensive package that covers SAS programming, intuitive statistics interpretation, data analysis, and predictive modeling, and
• If you would like to learn by doing various practical use cases fitting in the positions in different business portfolios, and
• Whether you are a job seeker or beginner intending to start a data science career
Then this around 18 hours course is right for you!
This complete SAS course includes more than 150 lectures and contains 11 real world case studies/projects in different applied areas such as banking and marketing. After this intensive training, you will be equipped with a powerful tool for the most sexy data analytics career path!

#2 Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja

You will learn how to code in the SAS statistical programming language, to help you start a career/gain employment, or move up at your current company. If you’re studying SAS at a post-secondary institution, this course can not only help you with school projects but prepare you for a career after you complete your education.
SAS is the most used language commercially. SAS is a powerful statistical language and understanding data entry, data management, and data analysis is more important than ever before. Every company needs a data ninja! An expert in data management and data analysis!
Let me tell you what you will learn. In the import section, you’ll learn how to import different file types (.txt, .csv, .xlsx), In the working with data section you’ll learn how to merge two data sets, filter observations, clean and reduce your data, read dates, create an enumeration variable, and much more. There is a section on Informats/Formats and SAS Input Types (list input, column input, formatted input). In the arrays section, I go into some detail about arrays. As of now, I show you how to use Arrays to recode variables and create new ones. In the Functions section, I cover the Rand function, length/lengthn/lengthc functions, Trim function, compress function, input/put functions, catx function and more!
After this section, you will get an opportunity to test your skills by trying the Integration Assignments.
In the visualization section, you’ll learn how to make a scatter plot and bar charts. In the statistical (data) analysis section, I’ll cover independent t-tests, chi-square analysis, linear regression, and multiple regression. I also cover a few concepts from Macro Programming. The course ends with a Case Study that is taken from real life application, and let’s you see how some of the concepts you learned about are integrated together!

#3 SAS Training by Reviewing and Solving Certificate Questions

If you need a comprehensive SAS  course that helps you
1) pass SAS certificate exam;
2) master SAS programming by solving 101 questions;
3) understand how SAS codes are working;
4) walk through each question by patient interpretation ;
5) practice and review SAS examples by yourself using my handout;
6) extend SAS knowledge and skills beyond these 101 questions
Then this course is right for you. I am using a special but effective teaching method in this course. You are not just leaning SAS knowledge and skills, but also examining yourself by solving each question! You are not just seeking the correct solution, but also figuring out why other answers are incorrect.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best SAS Books:

#1 The Little SAS Book: A Primer, Fifth Edition by Lora D. Delwiche
#2 SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman
#3 Exercises and Projects for The Little SAS Book, Fifth Edition by Rebecca A. Ottesen
#4 SAS Essentials: Mastering SAS for Data Analytics by Alan C. Elliott
#5 Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer’s Guide by Ron Cody
#6 SAS For Dummies by Stephen McDaniel

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