Best Robotics Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Robotics Online Courses

#1 Tech Explorations™ Make an Arduino Robot

I have designed this Arduino project course as an opportunity for you to get deep into the messy details of understanding, designing and constructing a simple yet infinitely extensible wheeled robot.
From figuring out what the robot is supposed to do, to selecting the right parts, configuring them, assembling them and testing them, all the way to producing a refined outcome, this project emphasises the iterative process of problem-solving.
By the end of the course, you will have created an Arduino wheeled robot that can navigate towards a light source and avoid obstacles along the way, on its own. But more than that, by the end of the course you will have become a better problem solver. You will have experience in analysing problems and designing solutions. You will be able to integrate simple mechanical parts with motors, batteries, sensors and other electronics.
The ideal student for this course is someone who has completed Arduino Step by Step Getting Started or has a good basic level of understanding of the Arduino. You already know how to write simple sketches and wire components in a breadboard. Although I will be showing the robot building process in great detail, having a basic level understanding of the Arduino will make this project a lot more enjoyable for you.
I invite you to review the free lectures in the first section of the course to find out more details about it.
If you are excited about becoming a Maker with the Arduino, join many other Makers and me in Make an Arduino Robot!
I look forward to learning with you!

#2 Arduino and Design : Make Your First Robot

Learn Robotics by building an awesome Robot by using the popular Arduino Board!
This course will teach you the general process of building a robot starting from and idea to having the robot working and functional.
The course is for everyone whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Maker who wants to understand the complete process of building a robotic system.
You will learn:

  • The basics of Robotics
  • How to Design your Robot step by step.
  • How to Create the 3D parts required to assemble the robot.
  • The basics of Electronics.
  • The basics of Programming the Arduino/Genuino 101 board.
  • And much more…

The course will cover a broad range of topics and by the end of the course, you will have the skills to take your own projects from the idea stage to actually having the physical system in your hands working and functional.

#3 Smartphone Control Robotics using Arduino and Android

Curious about controlling a Robot with smartphone, you have come to the right place. Learn the basic concept and programming required to design a fully functional Arduino Robot. For this course you will need the simplest but the most powerful and advanced Micro-Controller board called the Arduino UNO and a Bluetooth along with some basic electronics component.
Fundamentals of Robotics 
Robotics is fundamentally a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. It is a powerful tool to understand the basic concepts of Computer Science, Mechanical engineering, and Electronics engineering. In this Arduino robot course will use a simplified version of C++ language for programming our Robot using the Arduino IDE.
Course Content and Overview
This course is designed for students interested in controlling an Arduino Robot with Android Smartphone. No coding experience is required; all you need is an Arduino, Bluetooth, some low cost hardware and electronics component for building the Robot. We will start from basics of Arduino programming and then move to higher topics.
Basics of Arduino
In this course you will first understand the basics of Arduino and then we will look at Arduino installation & setting up Arduino with your Computer or Laptop
Construction of Robot
After understanding the basics of Arduino next we will construct our Arduino Robot. All the components required for building this Robot are mentioned in Section 2

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Robotics Books:

#1 The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Building and Programming Robots 1st Edition by Laurens Valk  
#2 Robot Building for Beginners, 2nd Edition (Technology in Action) 2nd Edition by David Cook
#3 Robotics: DISCOVER THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE with 20 PROJECTS (Build It Yourself) by Kathy Ceceri & Sam Carbaugh
#4 Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics from Beginner to Expert by Peter Mckinnon
#5 How Things Work: Discover Secrets and Science Behind Bounce Houses, Hovercraft, Robotics, and Everything in Between (National Geographic Kids) by T.J. Resler

#6 Probabilistic Robotics (Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents series) by Sebastian Thrun & Sebastian Thrun & Dieter Fox

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