Best React Native Online Courses, Training with Certification-2019 Updated

Here Best React Native Online Courses

#1. React Native: Build Your Own Mobile Apps

Use the Native framework of React JS – React Native – to create the iOS and Android applications of your dreams.

In this course you will learn how to build mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms. You will use React Native, a popular framework produced by Facebook.

This course also comes with tutorials on the installation of the React Native environment and deployment of a React Native application to the App Store. Overall, it should take around 4 hours to complete.

Ultimately, React Native proves so popular because of its efficiency and elegance. So you should take this course if you would love to learn how to make mobile applications quickly and effectively.

you may learn

  • Develop complete React Native applications.
  • Use the terminal, a code editor, XCode and other programs to build your own React Native applications.
  • Publish a React Native application to the App Store.

#2. React Native: Advanced Concepts

Master the advanced topics of React Native: Animations, Maps, Notifications, Navigation and More!

In this course we’ll build three separate apps with increasing complexity, each of which will profile different features of React Native.  By putting each concept into a real app, you’ll get a better idea of when to use each unique and powerful feature.

Here’s you will learn:

  • Learn the theory and practice of implementing complex Animation systems
  • Bootstrap your app using the new Expo platform
  • Navigate your user around using React-Navigation
  • Engage your users with automated Push Notifications
  • Enhance authentication flows in your app with One Time Passwords with Twilio
  • Increase your app’s reliability with Offline Data Persistence
  • Educate your users on how to use your app with Welcome Tutorial pages
  • Authenticate your users using Facebook OAuth
  • Go beyond the mobile front end with Google Cloud Functions: Add custom logic to your Firebase backend
  • Locate your users with cross-platform MapView components

I’ve built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning React Native. A course that explains the concepts and how they’re implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

#3. The Complete React Native and Redux Course [BEST]

iOS and Android App Development from scratch – build full React Native mobile apps ridiculously fast!

React Native is an excellent solution for developing apps on mobile in a fraction of the time it takes to make an equivalent iOS or Swift app.  You’ll love seeing your changes instantly appear on your own device, rather than waiting for Swift/Java code to recompile!  This quick feedback loop, along with excellent cross platform support, is what has catapulted React Native to the top must-have skill for Javascript engineers.

If you are new to React, or if you’ve been working to learn it but sometimes feel like you still don’t quite ‘get it’, this is the React course for you! To learn React you have to understand it.

  • Learn how to use React’s custom markup language, JSX, to clean up your Javascript code
  • Master the process of breaking down a complex component into many smaller, interchangeable components
  • Grasp the difference between “props” and “state” and when to use each
  • Render interactive, media-rich components in beautifully styled apps
  • Develop apps that are unique, fun, and responsive
  • Build on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Master integration with Firebase for user authentication
  • Learn the core principles of navigation with React Native

I’ve built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning React Native. A course that explains the concepts and how they’re implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best React Native Books

#1 Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript by Bonnie Eisenman

#2 Mastering React Native by Eric Masiello

#3 React Native Cookbook: Bringing the Web to Native Platforms by Jonathan Lebensold

#4 Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native by  Frank Zammetti

#5 React Native Tutorial: How to Start with React Native. Beginners Guide Book by Nicholas Brown

#6 Getting Started with React Native by Ethan Holmes

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