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English is a language,  it is the world’s most widely-used language. This is the correct platform to learn this course. English is the most spoken language, it can be learned easily when compared to other languages like Spanish, French, etc. from other Germanic languages the English language has become very different. The English language began in England. The word English comes with the name of angles. From other languages English has continued to take new words, for example, French, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, etc. Many English language courses are available from that our expert panel handpicked some Best English Language Online courses which are listed below

1.Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization – Coursera

Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization is an online course offered by the Georgia Institute of technology and created by the instructors Gerry Landers, Amalia B. Stephens, Karen Peterson, Suzi Lee. learn to improve English communication skills. To increase your business success learn to write and speak more professionally in English. To improve the English first start thinking in English, talk to yourself, use a mirror, focus on English fluency, try English tongue twisters, listen and repeat. In this 73k+ students are enrolled. This course contains a hands-on project and the course will provide a course completion certificate.
Key points:
The specialization consists of 4 courses:

  • Write Professional Emails in English: in this course, for email writing, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. To make you more powerful and successful in your business communication learn to improve your cross-cultural knowledge.
  • Speak English Professionally: In-Person, Online & On the Phone: by the end of the course you will improve pronunciation and fluency, increases English vocabulary,  for different settings and situations you will know statements, questions, and responses
  • Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English: in this course, you will learn step by step grammar, writing skills and how to build the site. Learn how to apply information from your ePortfolio to other online tools like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Take Your English Communication Skills to the Next Level: To complete assessments relevant to the working world you will have an opportunity. To communicate more thoroughly learn to Study cultural influences.

Ratings: 4.7 out of 5
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2.Learn English: Intermediate Grammar Specialization – Coursera

Learn English: Intermediate Grammar Specialization is an online course offered by the University of California, Irvine and created by the instructors Brad Gilpin, Helen Nam, Judy Hu, Emily Wong, Tamy Chapman. In this course, you need to master intermediate grammar. At the intermediate level use grammar and boost your knowledge. When you start learning intermediate English learn to start how to express yourself and with native English speakers try to hold conversations. In this 22k+ students are enrolled. This course contains a hands-on project and having a course completion certificate.
Key points:
This specialization consists of 4 courses:

  • Perfect tenses and models: you will learn intermediate verb tenses, present perfect progressive, including present perfect, past perfect progressive and past perfect. This course is mainly designed for who wants to improve speaking and writing skills as well as for academics.
  • Adjectives and adjective clauses: for upper-level English learners it is very useful to use adjective clauses in writing and speaking. In English, adjectives and adjective clauses are very important.
  • Tricky English grammar: to understand the rule easily course will provide you more tips and practice more with the tricky grammar of everyday English. Because of the obscure grammatical rules, English is difficult to learn.
  • Intermediate grammar project: In this specialization, you will create a grammar scrapbook of difficult or interesting English grammatical structures. To proper use of grammar choose a multimedia tool of your choices such as e-book or video. To make scrapbooks interesting give authentic examples of the grammar found in movies, songs,  and articles.

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
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3.English Vocabulary Launch: Upgrade your speaking – Udemy

English Vocabulary Launch: Upgrade your speaking is an online course created by the instructor Anthony Kelleher. On Udemy thousands of students are enrolled which focuses on learning English as a foreign language. He creates materials in the ESL field. From a native English teacher learn English speaking and listening skills, English vocabulary and become a more fluent learner. Within a person’s language, vocabulary is a set of familiar words. In learning a second language it is one of the largest challenges to acquiring an extensive vocabulary. In this 14k+ students are enrolled. In this course, 7 hours on-demand video, having 1 article and 60 downloadable resources.
Key points:

  • You will learn to understand English vocabulary which is using native speakers, learn to produce the target vocabulary accurately and confidently. 
  • Learn to speak English with more confidence. At a deep level, you will learn the target English vocabulary so that you can speak like an English native speaker
  • By upgrading English vocabulary start to speak with variety and more creativity. For doing this course an intermediate or above level of English is required.
  • This course includes lectures for the target vocabulary, for every single word pronunciation and meaning training, speaking practice, listening practice.
  • In your spoken English each section focuses on five carefully selected target words so that you can produce them accurately and master each one. 
  • If you want to sound more native-like, to speak English more clearly, or you want to take English to a higher level this course will help you to achieve your goal.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5
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English course has high demand in the market. The people who want to learn can pick up above mentioned courses. By doing this course you will get jobs such as an English teacher, spoken english trainer, professor, english grammar trainer, english speaking associate, etc. by doing this course you can speak and write english perfectly. The instructors will clear all your queries. If you think the above information is useful can handpick someone from the above-mentioned courses.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best English Books:

#1 Everything You Need to Ace English Language Arts in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide (Big Fat Notebooks) by Workman Publishing
#2 Talk English: The Secret To Speak English Like A Native In 6 Months For Busy People by Ken Xiao 
#3 Word Order in English Sentences by Phil Williams
#4 Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice by Wayne E. Wright
#5 The Adventure of English: The Biography of a Language by Melvyn Bragg
#6 The English Language (Canto Classics) by Charles Barbe

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Best English Language Online Courses

Best English Language Online Courses

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