Best Drone Beginner Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Drone Beginner Online Courses

#1 Drones for beginners : How to build your own quadcopter

A step by step video guide to understanding and building your very own drone. The course will take someone who has little to no prior experience with Radio Controlled Model Flying to someone that fully understands the basic concepts that are involved by building a Quadcopter from scratch which is ready to fly.
The Quadcopter build used in this course is classified as a Racer-Quad and the materials needed will be around 200 British Pounds, this is including the Quadcopter as well as the radio system. The concepts can be applied to any class of Quadcopters, even other multi-copters such as Hexacopters.
How long the course takes is entirely up to the student, it can be finished in a day or a week, depending on how much time is allocated to it.
Course is structured in a way that it fully explains the theory and demonstrates the build in a very easy to understand manner.
You should take this course if you want to fast track your understanding instead of tirelessly reading countless forums to get a basic understanding of the hobby.

#2 Drone Programming Primer for Software Development

Welcome to the Drone Programming Primer for Software Development, where you will learn of the core open source software projects that are fueling the progression of today’s drones!
The collection of open source software projects empowering drones (which we will call the flight stack) is transcending its hobbyist roots and is branching out into business applications at a high rate. This is going to translate to demand for drone engineers/developers who understand the open source flight stack.
This course will serve to introduce and familiarize you with the flight stack, which includes the following:
·         Firmware (To run the drones hardware)
·         Middleware (Communication glue between projects)
·         API to Firmware (High level commanding of drone with Ground Control Stations and Python scripts)
Think of this course as a gateway to becoming a drone engineer/developer. We will cover all of the layers of the flight stack, with slightly more focus on the API to Firmware layer. We will use a simulated drone as our test vehicle, so you can start drone coding right from your computer!
There are 5 main sections that contain over 3 hours of total video content.
Each topic contains:
·         A high-level introduction to the subject
·         A low-level dive into the details and application of the subject
Here are some of the topics that you will learn about in this course
·         Understanding of the importance for each component that makes up the flight stack
·         The open source autopilot software project of ArduPilot
·         How to fly a simulated drone from your computer running the ArduPilot codebase
·         MAVLink middleware and how it is used as a communication glue in the flight stack
·         Ground Control Stations and how they use MAVLink to interact with drones
·         Python scripts that use DroneKit and model your drone as an OOP object in a python script, allowing you to command a real drone from python

#3 Ultimate Guide to Drone Applications-Construction Industry-1

This course is the first part of the course series Ultimate Guide to Drone Applications-Construction Industry
Part 1 goes into complete detail into how you, as an employee or employer of a construction company, project management company, real estate company or a drone service providing company can use drones to increase accuracy, maximize your efficiency and cost savings in the first 5 stages of a construction project.
We have explained how you can use drones to collect data and use it for the following purposes –

  • Using drones to make site purchase decisions
  • Using drones to conduct land survey
  • Using drone survey outputs for site layout and architecture design
  • Using drone survey outputs for earthwork estimation
  • Using drones to inspect site activities
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Drone Beginner Books:

#1 Livin’ the Drone Life: An Insider’s Guide to Flying Drones for Fun and Profit by Paul Aitken & Rob Burdick & Tim Ray  
#2 Drones For Dummies 1st Edition by Mark LaFay
#3 The Complete Guide to Drones: Whatever your budget – Build + Choose + Fly + Photograph
by Adam Juniper

#4 Drones (The Ultimate Guide): How they work, learning to fly, how to fly, building your own drone, buying a drone, how to shoot photos by Ben Rupert
#5 Drones: The Complete Collection: Three books in one. Drones: The Professional Drone Pilot’s Manual, Drones: Mastering Flight Techniques, Drones: Fly Your Drone Anywhere Without Getting Busted by Brian Halliday
#6 Drone Photography and Video Masterclass by Fergus Kennedy

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