Best Bass Guitar Online Courses, Training with Certification-2022 Updated

Best Bass Guitar Online Courses

#1 Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Content and Overview
I designed this program to help you begin your musical journey on the bass in the most efficient and fun way. This program is suitable for anyone who has a desire to play and has a working bass. There are over 2.5 hours of video lessons and practice videos.
The layout of the course uses a simple format:
-1 lesson video that explains a new concept/technique,
-1 practice video that has voice overs and graphics to help you play along with the teacher on the screen in “real time”.
There are twelve sets of lessons and practice videos that help you learn melody, rhythm, harmony, and improvising. This program also contains a “Jam Room” with a virtual band that you can play along with at different speeds. As an added bonus there are also five music theory made easy animated videos that explain the basic building blocks of music.
At the end of this course you will have the confidence to play the bass both on your own and with others in different musical situations.

#2 The Professional Bass Masterclass

Course Description
The Professional Bass Masterclass is designed for students of all levels.  The course itself is divided into four levels starting with fundamentals, then moving into intermediate and then advanced techniques, knowledge and skill development.  Whether you’re a beginner, want to fill in gaps in your knowledge, or advance your skills to whole new levels, this course is designed for you.
This course brings together into one carefully constructed program knowledge from 20 years experience covering elite music school training, session work, touring work, and advanced master classes as well as performance, production and composition frameworks.  This course is a vast amount of information gathered over decades in this course ready to unlock mastery for the motivated student.
This course is a comprehensive system for learning to play the bass guitar that brings a broad range of musical information together to teach you the skills to be a musician.  If you’re looking for bass lessons…great bass lessons…this course has the bass lessons for you.
This course is the most effective and efficient way to learn to play the bass.  It is also much more than that.  This course is designed to make students into great bassists, and also fully formed musicians; to truly understand music, to understand time and harmony and theory and song-craft, to be able to communicate with other musicians of any instrument, to see the big picture.

#3 Learn BASS GUITAR- Have Fun, Amaze Your Friends- It’s Easy!

How is the course structured?
The course is broken down into 12 Sections:
1) Introduction
2) Bass Basics
3) Playing Your First Song
4) Seven Nation Army
5) The Minor Scale
6) The Major Scale
8) The Pentatonic Scale
9) Special Techniques
10) Popular Basslines
11) The Grand Finale
12) Resource

We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Bass Guitar Books:

#1 Bass Guitar For Dummies, Book + Online Video & Audio Instruction (For Dummies Series) by Patrick Pfeiffer
#2 Mel Bay’s Bass Scale Wall Chart by Corey Christiansen
#3 First 50 Songs You Should Play On Bass by Hal Leonard Corp.
#4 Bass Guitar Primer Book for Beginners: with Online Video & Audio Access by Bert Casey
#5 Victor Wooten Bass Workshop: The Language of Music and How to Speak It by Victor Wooten
#6 Electric Guitar and Bass Design: The guitar or bass of your dreams, from the first draft to the complete plan by Leonardo Lospennato & Ned Steinberger & R. M. Mottola

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