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Autodesk Revit architecture software is used by architects, civil engineers and professional of building construction. Revit is used to create the 3D models for buildings and construction document. If you are interested in learning the Autodesk Revit Architecture software, this is the most advantageous place to do the course. You will learn the concepts like structural and architectural columns on the grid, tags, fixtures, floors, roofs, callouts and so on. You can also manage the different family types. At present there are number of Revit architecture online courses, from those panel of experts picked some best online courses which are listed below.

#1 Autodesk Revit – beginner to intermediate level – Udemy

Autodesk Revit Architecture for beginners was created by S15 Studio. Instructors are experts in training the Autodesk Revit Architecture online course. Here students will improve their architecture skills and knowledge. You will learn how to design the 2D details, creation steps of render images, how to tag the components, procedure of creation of legends and schedules and so on. And you will also know the different minor and major components. Student will get the certificate at the final stage of course and this online course also includes 40 downloadable resources, lifetime access. Here 2k+ students are enrolled for this online course.
Key points:

  • You will understand the user interface concepts like navigation of drawing areas, tabs, pannel, terminology, selection toggles, palette properties, status bar and so on. Wall concepts like wall properties, wall panel etc.
  • You will know the basic tools like mirror draw axis, align, offset, pick axis and different elements like trim elements, moving elements, copy, rotate elements, array, spin, scale, split element, T/E single element and so on.
  • Instructors will define the levels of building and creation of reference levels, grid systems and you will know the major components such as placing the structural and architectural columns on grid, placing the internal and external walls, slab ground floor, boundary footpath etc.
  • And minor components like placing the doors from type selector, loading the doors from libraries, placing windows, editing the profiles of walls and you will know how to create a new door types and roof components like flat roof and pitched roof by the footprint.

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5
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#2 Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture – Udemy

Learn the Autodesk Revit Architecture online course which is created by Infinite Skills. Instructors of this online course are good qualified. After this online course you will be able to create your own Revit designs by using the Autodesk software. You will know how to use the autodesk revit architecture very effectively. You will know all the features of advanced Autodesk revit architecture. This online course included one article, 7.5 hours demand video, full time access and course completion certificate.
Key points:

  • You will understand the user interface concepts like properties of docking and moving, ribbon, application menu, palette properties, zooming tools, options bar, quick access toolbar, drawing area, viewing area etc.
  • You will learn the concepts like pinning, different levels, phases, differences of column types, column placements, column grids, column loading, wall ribbons, wall splits, trim walls, shape of walls, options of walls, curtain wall, offset wall, exterior and interior wall and so on.
  • Students will learn the doors and windows concepts such as placing doors, curtains walls, door tags, placing the windows, column adjustments etc. you will also understand the topics like default 3D view, elevations, selection boxes, perspective views, creation of sheets and so on.
  • And you will also learn about view scaling, sections, camera, close the hidden windows, sketch editing, sloped floor, sketch of structural and finish floor, floor opening, roofs, ceiling, graphics, topography, stairs, renderings, tools modification and so on.
  • You will know how to load and place the sink, counter, properties of stairs, properties of railing, automatic and sketch mode of ceiling, adjustments of walls and columns etc.

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5
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#3 The Complete Beginners Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture – Udemy

Autodesk Revit Architecture online course was created by Ian Nichols (Expert of Autodesk). Instructor will discuss all the concepts of this software. Here 5K+ students are enrolled for this online course. You will come to know the uses of BIM and you know how to create the accurate,efficient designs by using BIM. you will learn all the important concepts like levels, detailed elements, model elements, structural grids, drawing aids, templates, families, type parameters, instance etc. you will also know about 2D and 3D navigation,launch screen, drawing area and so on.
Key points:

  • You will understand the main components of launch screen and important options of application menus. You will know what are the tools used in work, ribbon menu etc.
  • Instructors will explain the 3D modeling elements concepts like walls, openings of walls, doors, windows, floors, curtain walls, ceiling, creation of sloped floors, ceilings with fixtures, roofs by the footprints, stairs by the sketch and components, ramps, railing, components and so on.
  • You will understand the modifying and editing concepts like arrays, mirroring elements, filtering elements, rotating elements, extending and trimming elements, pinning elements, offsetting elements etc.
  • You also learn the concepts like schedules, section box, callouts, elevations, 3D view, camera and legends views, crop regions, visual styles, templates, properties, graphic and visibility overrides and so on.  
  • Instructors will explain the concepts like symbols, filled regions, dimensions, components, text, rooms, phases, options of design etc.
  • You will gain the certificate at the final stage of course and this online course includes 13 articles, 18 hours demand video and full time access.

Rating: 4.4 Out of 5  
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We are hoping that this article is very helpful to you. You will get the job opportunities like Revit 3D civil modeller, architectural team leader, BIM architect, lead architect, mep-bim specialist, architect, BIM engineer, Revit modeller, Revit technician and so on. Revit is building information model software, it was developed by the civil engineers, builders, contractors and architects. By learning this autodesk revit online course your career options will be increased. You can also add this certification to your resume that will improve your professional career path. If you are interested with this article, then share it with your colleagues, friends by using facebook, twitter, linkedIn.
We Advice you to learn via Online Courses, Rather than Books, But We Suggest you use Books Only for reference purpose

Best Autodesk Revit Books:

#1 Autodesk Revit 2019 Architectural Command Reference by Jeff Hanson & Daniel John Stine
#2 Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit 2019 by Daniel John Stine
#3 Autodesk Revit 2017 for Architecture: No Experience Required 1st Edition by Eric Wing
#4 Mastering Autodesk Revit 2017 for Architecture 1st Edition by Marcus Kim & Lance Kirby & Eddy Krygiel
#5 Instant Revit!: A Quick and Easy Guide to Learning Autodesk® Revit® 2018 First Edition by David Martin
#6 Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press 1st Edition by Ryan Duell & Tobias Hathorn & Tessa Reist Hathorn

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Best Autodesk Revit Online Courses

Best Autodesk Revit Online Courses

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