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SQL means Structured query language. By using sql you can manipulate, access and update the data. Students who are waiting for the best advanced sql online courses then you people can choose this course. From the advanced sql online courses students will learn the topics such as fundamentals of sql, database objects, data dictionary views, creation and management of sequences, advanced manipulations, analytical sql functions, how to work with the sql commands, roles of database in the application programming, creation of tables and transactions, grouping the data, how to partition the tables for managing and optimizing the performance, how to import and insert the data from the file, how to generate the sql scripts, techniques of advanced aggregation and more. Our panel experts has picked some best advanced sql online courses, that which are listed below.         

#1 Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course – Udemy

People who wants to learn more about the sql then you can take this SQL advanced online course which is created by Oracle master training academy. Here 10k+ candidates are enrolled to learn this advanced sql online course. You can able to read, write and analyze the advanced sql codes very easily. Students will learn about the advanced sql functions and analytical sql functions in the oracle. Instructor are providing multiple number of advanced sql query examples. You can able to design and use the , views, sequences, synonyms and indexes. Students will learn that how to generate the sql scripts and also learn the advanced aggregation techniques.
Key points:

  • Students will understand that how to have the database with the oracle virtualbox and know how to download and install the oracle database. Know how to configure and use the sql developer.
  • You people will also learn about the database introduction, how to reach the other users objects, data dictionary views, dictionary table, know differences between the USER, ALL, prefixes and V$, user constraint views etc.
  • Learn about the creation and modification of sequences, dropping the sequences, usage the sequences, sequence caching, creation and dropping the synonyms, analyzing the user synonyms, indexes types, function based indexes, dropping indexes etc.
  • Students can understand the concepts like types of views, creation of complex and simple views, modification of views, prevention of DML operations with the views, creation of materialized views, types of refreshing materialized views, advanced subqueries etc.
  • You will also understand about the advanced data manipulations, regular expressions, constraints, analytical sql functions, hierarchical queries etc.

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#2 SQL Advanced – Udemy

The advanced sql online course is created by Amarnath Reddy (Oracle architect). Students will enhance their sql skills. Here 7k+ candidates are learning this advanced sql online course. You people will understand all the advanced key concepts for implementing in the database. Here 4.5 hours on demanded videos, seven articles and 21 downloadable video resources are included in this advanced sql online course. You will know that how to partition the tables for managing and optimizing the performance. Students can create the latest reports with the subtotals at the different grouping levels and can perform the complex patterns matching by using the regular expressions. You people can do the analysis with the ease by utilizing the analytical functions.
Key points:

  • Instructor will explain that how to install the softwares like oracle, java sdk and sql developer. From the manipulating the data section students will learn the topics like multi table insert, default values for the columns, arithmetic calculations, virtual columns etc.
  • You will understand the concepts like introduction of analytical functions, performing the top N analysis, dividing the data into the bands, examples on lead and lag functions, ranking the data etc.
  • From the transforming the data section students will understand the topics like row level data to the column level by using the pivot and case statement, column to row level data by using the union and unpivot etc.
  • Instructor will explain the concepts like flashback operations, regular expressions, hierarchical queries, extensions for the group by, materialized views and table partitioning.
  • Students can select the materialized views based on the requirements.

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#3 Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+ – Udemy

Those who wants to learn advanced sql then you people must join in this advanced sql with the mysql online course. Here 4k+ students are learning this advanced sql online course. Students can able to write the user defined functions and you can simulate the analytic functions. This advanced sql with the mysql online course is created by Michal Juhas (tech entrepreneur). Students can utilize the right partitions and indexes. Instructor will teach that how to write the stored procedures, how to work with the cursors and also explain that how write the advanced queries. This advanced sql online course includes 43 articles, five hours on demanded videos and 92 downloadable video resources with full period access.
Key points:

  • Students can able to install the mysql software in the personal system. From the coding and the style conventions section you will learn the topics like coding style introduction, how to develop the beautiful and advanced queries etc.
  • From the indexes section you can learn the concepts like indexes introduction, unique index, partial index, functions on index column, composite indexes, know how the mysql uses the indexes etc.
  • Instructor will explain the topics like overview of partitioning, types of partitioning, selection of partition, how to partition the mysql with the high load solutions, variables introduction, show variables, variable techniques of advanced mysql etc.
  • From the analytic function section students will learn the concepts like introduction of analytic functions, postgresql window functions, know how to number the rows in the mysql etc.
  • You can able to understand the topics such as relevant coding standards, creation of procedure and function, create the function syntaxes for the user defined functions, stored procedures, events, using the stored routines, triggers, cursor fetch and close syntaxes etc.

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#4 SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics – Udemy

SQL for the Data Analytics online course is offered by Start Tech Academy. Here more than 51k pupils are registered to learn this SQL for the data analytics online course. Students will gain knowledge on sql commands. You can able to improve the performance of the database by utilizing the indexes and views. Students will understand all the sql tools like GROUP BY, subqueries and JOINS. Learn about the sql populate date time functions, strings and mathematical. Here three articles, 7.5 hours on demanded videos, 58 downloadable video resources and one practice test. Students will learn all the advanced topics of SQL.
Key points:

  • Students will learn how to install the sql, usage of sql case statements, advanced sql queries, pattern matching in the sql etc.
  • From the fundamentals of sql section you will understand the concepts like CREATE, creation of table and DB, insert, importing and inserting the data from the file, select statement, select distinct, logical operators, alter, delete, upgrading the table etc.
  • You people are able to understand the topics like back up, restore, CSV files, filtering, selection commands, limit, commenting in the sql, sorting, alias, aggregate functions, average, sum, count, group by, conditional statement etc.
  • Instructor will explain about the joins, subqueries, indexes, string functions, mathematical functions, date time functions, advanced string matching, conversion of numbers into the strings, conversion of strings to numbers etc.
  • You people will also understand about the user access control functions, sql command types, DBMS, tables, postgresql etc. here instructor will also provide some important tricks and tips.

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Instructors are determine all the required and important information for you. Those who wants to learn the advanced sql online course then you people can pick any course from the above mentioned courses. Your professional career path will improved by adding this advanced sql online course certificate for your resumes. Instructors will compulsory clear out your doubts and queries regarding to this article. Students will get good job opportunities by learning this advanced sql online courses like database developer, software engineer, sql server database administrator, data engineer, business analyst, sql server developer, oracle database administrator and more. please share this advanced sql article with your folks, coworkers through twitter, linkedIn, whatsapp, facebook, hike etc…
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Best Advanced SQL Online Courses

Best Advanced SQL Online Courses

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